Monday, June 3, 2013

Go Figure 5/29&30/2013

Little by little hubby & I did some cleaning of the recently empty house. We had a full week before our final inspection. I cleaned 18 windows top to bottom & they were gross. At first I made sure to get every nook & cranny. I took the screen out & even used a darn q-tip for pete’s sake to make sure the gunk was gone. Then I wiped down all the blinds. Upstairs was looking good. I’m pretty sure you could’ve eaten off those windows they were so clean. Well then I had to do the downstairs windows. Needless to say I lost steam & cared less about doing them. I didn’t take any screens off & I definitely did not use any q-tips & the blinds got a quick wipe down. Surely they weren’t going to go over them with a fine tooth comb…or at least I hoped not. I did the kid’s bathroom & our bathroom, but guess I wasn’t going fast enough since hubby came in to help. Hey whatever makes it go faster right? Of course he & I have different ways of doing things. I tried to not let my OCD kick into overdrive. But, I do have to give credit to the old man for doing most of the cleaning. Thursday even though he had his going away bbq he still went to the house after his bbq & cleaned more. I totally volunteered to do it, but he went anyway. Pretty sad when you volunteer to clean so the other person has to watch the screaming, balled up energy kids J I love my kiddos, but even mama needs a time out now & then. Well after 3 ½ years in our house we managed to not have any major damage issues. But then……we had a teenager come mow & weed eat the backyard one last time & wouldn’t you know…he catches a rock (probably the only rock in the back yard) & it ricochets towards our back glass door & shatters it. Ugh! Had that not happened we would’ve walked away from this house with money owed to us. Unfortunately we had to cut a check to the housing office, but thankfully it wasn’t the amount hubby was predicting. Bummer, but it’s over & done with & time to move on to our next adventure. Oh & yes we did pass our inspection & they even thanked us for keeping such good care of the house.

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