Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Hair today gone tomorrow 6/3/2013

Well I finally did it. I decided it was time to cut my 5 yr old’s hair. She’s only ever had her bangs cut & her ends trimmed, but I felt it would be easier to maintain during our summer travels & I got tired of seeing her hair wrapped around her neck at night making her all sweaty. She doesn’t let me fix it all pretty & any hair bows that get put in are taken out minutes later. Her hair was down past her waist, but it was time. I felt bad about doing it & wondered if I’d regret it, but I kept telling myself “it’s just hair & it’ll grow back”. I didn’t get an exact measurement, but it looks to be about 6 inches or more. I had the stylist put a rubber band at the length I wanted & she cut it off. I have it saved. Now she looks a little older, which makes me sad, but her hair looks healthier. It’ll grow back & hopefully sooner then later. My sweet, stubborn baby girl is growing up. Slow down there girlie.

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