Friday, June 21, 2013

June 13 hello tub

It wasn’t a long drive, but I was so glad to get into that hotel room & have some space after being in the trailer for a couple weeks. We had an awesome view of the lake & the 3 guys who were taking forever to clean up the green putting area out in the water. They were there for a couple hours & it was ridiculous really. Dalton found his poop spot in the big closet & didn’t like it when I went to check on him. In fact when I opened the door he would say “heeeyyy” with a frown on his face. Guess he liked being in there in the dark to do his business. Well I had my eye on that big Jacuzzi tub, but I wasn’t the first to use it. Dalton & Annika wanted in it just as bad as I did & I did what any mother would do….I let them take a bath. After their play time we had dinner & it was my turn in the tub. I wanted to watch some Army Wives, but the darn tablet didn’t have the right software or something. Ugh….so I just sat there. Of course no lock on the door means no privacy & my little munchkins were in & out of there. I finally got out & showered then drained the tub. I got the kids ready for bed, but Annika wanted back in the tub. I told her when her brother fell asleep I would let her in again. This time I put a little body wash in there & put the jets on & woah nelly it frothed up so fast. All I could see was her little face poking out of the bubbles. She was so cute I had to take a picture. She loved it & had a great time. I’m sure the maid loved us….oops. Hubby had gone down to the casino to lose his $20, but to my surprise he made a profit after an hour of playing! Hey even .50 cents is better than being in the hole…lol. We had a king sized bed in the room yet all 5 of us can’t sleep comfortable in the bed, well I can’t & if I’m not happy no one’s happy. I love having them all near me, but if I can’t get comfortable then someone’s gotta go. I made Annika a bed next to ours with the 2 chairs & it was the perfect length for her & with the arms as a border all the way around there was no way she could fall out.

Next morning was breakfast then off to our next spot in Iowa, but first a few road side attractions. We saw the largest wooden nickel then the largest frying pan. My father in law loves to see the largest of everything & it’s rubbed off on us so we hit up those when we can & they make great photos.

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