Friday, June 28, 2013

June 26 Corn Palace

And here I thought we would have a thunderstorm free evening. Last night we had quite the lightening storm going on. It was as if someone was flicking the lights on & off real fast. I tried to fall asleep fast so I wouldn’t worry about the storm. I heard some thunder rolling & checked the weather & thankfully we only got the bottom end of the storm. The bad stuff was north of us. Whew! Seeing that made it easier for me to sleep.

I tried to sleep in, but during the night some time Dalton came into our bed. After a while I was feeling squished & discovered Annika sleeping on top of the covers in my birds nest (aka in between my legs).Instead of carrying them back to their bed & went to sleep in their bed. Ahhh room to spread out, but it didn’t last long because my little man came back to sleep with me, but by this time it was early morning & that was that. Sigh

The drive to Mitchell was a short one & today’s agenda was to check out the Corn Palace. We were under the impression this was a rather new tourist attraction, but to our surprise it was built in the 1880s. We saw the quick video & they told the story on how the palace came to be. Even with both Dalton & Emry getting ansy & fussy the video was interesting. The designs they put on the outside & inside are simply amazing. The kids got on the tractor inside & the combine & hubby ground some corn on an old fashioned circle grinder then we had some ice cream. As we sat & ate they had a corn cob in a husk mascot walk around & Annika got a picture with it. Dalton on the other hand put his foot brakes on & was not budging. It was funny to watch him freeze from fear. Silly boy. Annika got a red cowgirl hat as her souvenir (she did good on this day) so she could match Jessie from Toy Story. She’s going thru a Toy Story, Jessie the cowgirl, phase along with her horse phase. We took some photos across the street then headed out of the heat. It was 91 degrees & you could feel the heat from the street & sidewalk. Yuck too hot. We headed to an rv store for some part to fix who knows what then to Cabellas & Wal Mart. We went thru a car wash & poor Dalton gets freaked out by them. He puts his face to the side of his car seat & looks the other way & shivers his little body. I have to hold his leg or foot the whole time to reassure him it’s all ok. When it was over he said “again again”. Is he serious? He gets spooked about it then wants to do it again. Weirdo.

I promised the kids we’d go swimming, but it was getting late & I still needed to make dinner.  Now here’s where I start to get pissy. It’s 7pm & I started 4 loads of laundry then started cooking dinner while trying to get the kids changed for swimming & feed the baby. Grrr….why must I do it all? I told hubby to finish the laundry so I could take the kids swimming, but he had to watch the baby so I could have both hands free. He later had to bring the baby to me so he could get the laundry. So I let her take a dip in the pool, which was not the best pool or cleanest one we’ve seen so far. So after swimming we’re done swimming I see that he put his laundry away, but not ours…..grrrrgrrrrgrrrr…..even separating it would have been nice. So I’m in my bathing suit giving Annika & Dalton baths, getting their dinner for them, feeding the baby & myself then bathing the baby & getting her settled since she’s tired & cranky, all the while I’m still in my cold bathing suit. I’m folding all our laundry on the bed & putting it away then I’m pumping the air bed up while baby sits on it & screams. At some point I stuck my head out the door to see hubby sitting all nice & relaxed in his chair reading his book & drinking his freggin wine. Really? I pointed at his little area & said “this is not fair, I’m doing all this stuff in here & it’ll be midnight before I get to bed again” I told him to get his tablet & research some camp sites that need to be booked now since the holiday is coming up. I’ve been trying to find a site for this coming weekend for us to set down for a week & it’s hard trying to find one that’s near everything & has trees & stuff for the kids to do. He said it was too late & nothing could be done now anyway (reservation wise since it was late). Ugh! I wanted to lock the door & let him sleep outside. The baby finally went to sleep & I was finally able to shower. Annika wanted a story so I read her a chapter out of the 1st Laura Ingalls Wilder book I got then sang her 2 songs. Dalton was already snoozing. Just then Emry started to wake up. I quickly fed her & she was back asleep. Hubby comes in from showering & gets in bed. Now here I am at 12:47am typing this & researching camp sites. A mom’s work is never done. Good thing I like my hubby so dang much or else I would’ve kicked his butt to the curb long ago. Ok rant over. Tomorrow will hopefully be a better day.

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