Sunday, April 30, 2017

Hair no more 11/11/2016

I always say it's never a dull moment with my sweet little 4 yr old. She is very sassy, very matter of fact, can be bossy, but oh so sweet as well. She claims she'll never leave home and she'll be the one to take care of me when I'm old. Awwww. She can be sneaky too. You see, one morning I got home from work & as usual all 3 kiddos were fast asleep in my bed. I went into their bunkroom & got their beds ready so I could move them over & what do I find under the youngest one's mattress? A pair of scissors and a wad of hair. My heart sunk & I was instantly sad. Nooooo!!!! What did she do & whyyyy? Was it her hair or her sister's? I went to get her & she had a mullet! Gah! I asked her what she had done, but she was so out of it & still sleeping so I had to wait until I got up several hours later to get the full scoop. It took me a while to fall asleep since I couldn't help wonder what the heck happened. Did hubby notice she did it? What were they watching on tv? What was she thinking?

When I woke up and got a good look at her I couldn't help but laugh. She had a mullet alright as well as jacked up bangs. I looked at hubby and asked what happened. He said they were watching a movie and all of a sudden she gets up and asks if she could use this one pair of scissors, but he said no. She found a second pair & asked again, but he said no. She found a child's pair & asked so he said yes. She then went into the bunkroom & when she came out, ta da the damage was done. I asked him if he didn't take all this scissor asking as a red flag, but he said no because she's always cutting up paper. True true. Well it made no sense trying to point fingers so we got everyone dressed so we could find a
 salon to get her fixed up.

 We found a great lady at Super Cuts and she was very understanding of the whole situation and said all we could do was give my baby girl a pixie cut. I saved what was left of her hair and waited for the end result. I have to say my baby girl looked great with short hair, but I do miss her longer hair. Wonder how long it'll take to grow out or if she'll want to keep it short? We went ahead & got the other 2 kiddos hair cuts as well so they felt special….well Dalton would prefer to not get a haircut, but his head gets sweaty so he needs them. Now to hide all the scissors and have a talk with my baby girl about NOT cutting her hair again. No matter what, she's a doll.

Change of Scenery Green River Lake State Park, KY 10/23/2016

Yay the time has come to move over to the tree lined camp site area at the state park. Now that the Halloween festival is over we can pretty much go wherever we want, but we chose a spot that backed up to the big wide open green space next to the playground. It was perfect for the kiddos & we had a perfect view outside so we could watch them play.

 Since the weather was cooling off hubby & my friend, who is parked next door, went halfies on an order of wood. This guy delivered & stacked it right to our site. Now we could have camp fires & smores anytime we wanted. Nothing says camping like a camp fire and knowing that we could have them anytime we wanted vs only on weekends like you'd do on vacation, well that's just awesome.

We were also closer to the check in store where underneath was the tornado shelter/laundromat. I had no idea there was another set of washer & dryers. They had 2 sets each at both bath houses, but they were kinda rusty & outdoors, but at least they had some. Of course it still wasn't enough for the 50+ workampers that were out there. One time we were doing laundry in the shelter area & they had all these supplies stored in their & my youngest asked to play with some balls & cricket sticks & I said sure. Well apparently this toss in the hole board wasn't very secure against the wall & it fell on her. Not sure how it happened, but Yikes! She was ok & just scared, but it wasn't until after I lifted it off her that I noticed the very big & rusty nails that were poking out. Ooohhhh how that could have ended up really bad. So thankful she was ok, my poor baby.

A couple times I went to do laundry & all of them were busy. Oh boy, but it was better than nothing & only $1.25 to wash & same to dry. We did go into town twice to do laundry, but that place was so busy & well it wasn't the cleanest & it was pricey. I saw signs that referred to not washing items that were dirty with grease or oil. Guess there's some workers out there that use that laundromat & have washed such items. It also wasn't convenient to go into town so the campground it was. Just had to learn to take turns....a lesson I'm always trying to teach my kiddos. Yes it can be just as hard to take turns as an adult, but we make do.

During our time in the trees area, I finally was able to go out & buy myself a bike. I got a cruiser with a basket. The kids were just as excited as I was. It's perfect for riding with my kiddos. Now that they all know how to ride, I can ride with them. Annika can put one dog in her basket & I can put the other. They seem to like it & Annika loves to take the dogs along. Wow how time has flown. My babies are riding bikes. Part of me misses the days of their infancy & just carrying them around, but I enjoy our time now where we can actually do stuff together & I'm not sleep deprived or changing diapers constantly. Now if time could just slow down that would be much appreciated. I think with our new lifestyle time won't seem to just fly by or at least I hope it won't.

Happy Halloween at Green River Lake State Park, KY 10/31/16

We hadn't really talked much about costumes until last minute and I told my kiddos that I didn't want to buy any at the store. I felt we should come up with ideas & create our own. I thought that would be more fun and we could really use our brains to come up with something different. The park was having a big Halloween festival weekend to include a costume contest (along with a bunch of other activities) so I thought we should come up with something special. I quickly went to Pinterest to come up with ideas because you know I'm not THAT creative. I presented several ideas to the kids. We narrowed it down to a family of smores or a glow in the dark stick family. They chose the glow in the dark family & boy was that totally easy to make. Of course it kinda back fired because the contest was at 3pm (hello we need darkness) and we didn't sign up ahead of time for the contest so they couldn't participate. No biggie. We kicked back on the grass with our 2 pups and watched others parade across the stage in their costumes & guess what? There was a smores family. Whew! Dodged that one. I had to leave for work, but made sure their “costumes” were all ready. Trick or treating started at 5pm & it was still light outside so no one could see the full effect of their glow in the dark stick figure costumes.

I was so bummed out when hubby told me & I felt bad for them, but from what hubby said they still had fun getting candy. Guess that's what it's all about eh? Several people commented that “I bet you'll look great once it gets dark”. Well they did look great (I saw the pics), but no one really got to see them because by then trick or treating was over & everyone went inside. Total bummer. I felt like I totally screwed up Halloween this year & I hoped my kids didn't feel embarrassed. However, the next morning after I got up they told me all about the loads of candy they got & “it's ok our costumes didn't glow” they still had fun. I felt much better after hearing that. I was ever so grateful that hubby took them out trick or treating & he took lots of pictures for me. I'm usually the one doing it all & he just walks along. Kudos to him. We may be doing things differently now & no longer living in a regular house, but I still want them to have the same fun & traditions that we used to have.

Yes this Halloween was a different one for all of us. New “home”, new location, new lifestyle, new job. It was the first time in 9 years that I missed trick or treating with my kids. It broke my heart, but I had to work. This is the part of having a job that I don't like. The part where you miss those special moments with your kiddos & the memories to be made. I didn't HAVE to have this job, but I signed up for it & planned on finishing the season as part of my agreement, plus now that we're full time travelers we need the workamping experience to add to our resumes. Yes there will be more Halloweens and other holidays to share, but simply put it just sucked. I had mixed emotions about working especially when something special was coming up. I haven't had a job since before my oldest was born and I've been there for everything for all 3 of my babies. Every roll over, crawl, step, run, booboo, birthday, holiday, you name it & mama was there enjoying every single moment. What's crazy is that for the last 9 years part of me wanted a job so I felt like I was pulling my weight financially (even though we were doing just fine) and here I was finally working & I was feeling guilty for leaving my babies at home. I can't win with my emotions. I know I'm not alone when it comes to this. I'm just grateful we are blessed with hubby's military retirement so I don't have to work all the time. I know many don't have that so I count my blessings. We can just enjoy our travels and create memories without having to seek out our next job. Blessings indeed. In the end my babies had a fun evening and that's all I wanted for them. Now to eat their candy!