Sunday, April 30, 2017

Hair no more 11/11/2016

I always say it's never a dull moment with my sweet little 4 yr old. She is very sassy, very matter of fact, can be bossy, but oh so sweet as well. She claims she'll never leave home and she'll be the one to take care of me when I'm old. Awwww. She can be sneaky too. You see, one morning I got home from work & as usual all 3 kiddos were fast asleep in my bed. I went into their bunkroom & got their beds ready so I could move them over & what do I find under the youngest one's mattress? A pair of scissors and a wad of hair. My heart sunk & I was instantly sad. Nooooo!!!! What did she do & whyyyy? Was it her hair or her sister's? I went to get her & she had a mullet! Gah! I asked her what she had done, but she was so out of it & still sleeping so I had to wait until I got up several hours later to get the full scoop. It took me a while to fall asleep since I couldn't help wonder what the heck happened. Did hubby notice she did it? What were they watching on tv? What was she thinking?

When I woke up and got a good look at her I couldn't help but laugh. She had a mullet alright as well as jacked up bangs. I looked at hubby and asked what happened. He said they were watching a movie and all of a sudden she gets up and asks if she could use this one pair of scissors, but he said no. She found a second pair & asked again, but he said no. She found a child's pair & asked so he said yes. She then went into the bunkroom & when she came out, ta da the damage was done. I asked him if he didn't take all this scissor asking as a red flag, but he said no because she's always cutting up paper. True true. Well it made no sense trying to point fingers so we got everyone dressed so we could find a
 salon to get her fixed up.

 We found a great lady at Super Cuts and she was very understanding of the whole situation and said all we could do was give my baby girl a pixie cut. I saved what was left of her hair and waited for the end result. I have to say my baby girl looked great with short hair, but I do miss her longer hair. Wonder how long it'll take to grow out or if she'll want to keep it short? We went ahead & got the other 2 kiddos hair cuts as well so they felt special….well Dalton would prefer to not get a haircut, but his head gets sweaty so he needs them. Now to hide all the scissors and have a talk with my baby girl about NOT cutting her hair again. No matter what, she's a doll.

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