Sunday, April 30, 2017

Change of Scenery Green River Lake State Park, KY 10/23/2016

Yay the time has come to move over to the tree lined camp site area at the state park. Now that the Halloween festival is over we can pretty much go wherever we want, but we chose a spot that backed up to the big wide open green space next to the playground. It was perfect for the kiddos & we had a perfect view outside so we could watch them play.

 Since the weather was cooling off hubby & my friend, who is parked next door, went halfies on an order of wood. This guy delivered & stacked it right to our site. Now we could have camp fires & smores anytime we wanted. Nothing says camping like a camp fire and knowing that we could have them anytime we wanted vs only on weekends like you'd do on vacation, well that's just awesome.

We were also closer to the check in store where underneath was the tornado shelter/laundromat. I had no idea there was another set of washer & dryers. They had 2 sets each at both bath houses, but they were kinda rusty & outdoors, but at least they had some. Of course it still wasn't enough for the 50+ workampers that were out there. One time we were doing laundry in the shelter area & they had all these supplies stored in their & my youngest asked to play with some balls & cricket sticks & I said sure. Well apparently this toss in the hole board wasn't very secure against the wall & it fell on her. Not sure how it happened, but Yikes! She was ok & just scared, but it wasn't until after I lifted it off her that I noticed the very big & rusty nails that were poking out. Ooohhhh how that could have ended up really bad. So thankful she was ok, my poor baby.

A couple times I went to do laundry & all of them were busy. Oh boy, but it was better than nothing & only $1.25 to wash & same to dry. We did go into town twice to do laundry, but that place was so busy & well it wasn't the cleanest & it was pricey. I saw signs that referred to not washing items that were dirty with grease or oil. Guess there's some workers out there that use that laundromat & have washed such items. It also wasn't convenient to go into town so the campground it was. Just had to learn to take turns....a lesson I'm always trying to teach my kiddos. Yes it can be just as hard to take turns as an adult, but we make do.

During our time in the trees area, I finally was able to go out & buy myself a bike. I got a cruiser with a basket. The kids were just as excited as I was. It's perfect for riding with my kiddos. Now that they all know how to ride, I can ride with them. Annika can put one dog in her basket & I can put the other. They seem to like it & Annika loves to take the dogs along. Wow how time has flown. My babies are riding bikes. Part of me misses the days of their infancy & just carrying them around, but I enjoy our time now where we can actually do stuff together & I'm not sleep deprived or changing diapers constantly. Now if time could just slow down that would be much appreciated. I think with our new lifestyle time won't seem to just fly by or at least I hope it won't.

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