Thursday, June 13, 2013

Retirment ceremony

Today was hubby’s retirement ceremony & thanks to our 2 yr old son, he made it a memorable one. Being the active social butterfly that he is, he didn’t seem to care that a ceremony was taking place. He was waving to everyone, talking, & the best part he was crawling underneath his daddy’s chair while the MC did his speech. He reminded me of JFK Jr sitting underneath JFK’s desk in the oval office. We tried to keep him contained, but that wasn’t happening. I should have brought snacks or candy to keep him occupied, but mommy brain once again took over & I failed on that one. Oh well. I was somewhat embarrassed, but hey hubby didn’t want the ceremony to be all serious & stiff so he got what he wanted. A comedy show. Although for 2 people there were tears flowing. Nope it wasn’t me or his mother, but instead his father & uncle. Who would have thought that? Hubby did his speech & got some certificates. When it was my turn to get some recognition our son was up there with me wanting to be picked up. I would have to say the best part was the family photo. We finally got one good one, but I’m sure the audience got a nice bra/boob shot since my son was pulling my dress down. Eh I didn’t recognize anyone there anyway & we weren’t sticking around so I don’t have to worry about running into someone & being all embarrassed later down the road. I have photos with 2 children’s hands in my face & a photo with a flower in my face. Hey at least we got one. All in all it was a nice ceremony & one more thing to check off our list before our cross country journey. So here’s to my hubby on his 24+ years of service in the U.S. Air Force. We are all proud of you.

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