Thursday, June 13, 2013

6 June - Sweet Colt

Going to a funeral or viewing is never easy, but it’s extra difficult when you have to go see a young child. It broke my heart to hear that my 5 year old daughter’s classmate drowned while on vacation last week. It seemed like a nightmare & I cannot even imagine what his mother was going thru. That has to be the hardest & worst thing ever to experience. I looked at my children & cried when I thought about him. He had a sweet smile & was known as “the cowboy”. I don’t know the full story except that he went missing & was found a couple hours later in a pond. It makes my stomach turn just thinking about it. When something tragic like this happens we all ask “why?” Why was this beautiful & innocent life taken? What purpose was it for? Why do his parents & brothers have to suffer? Why? We will never know the reason, but all I can do is pray for his family to find peace & comfort & pray for his soul as it rests with our father in Heaven. For such a young boy, I have to say he seemed to have touched many lives. When I went to the visitation/viewing the line was out the door. I hope that brought some kind of comfort to the family to see all the people coming to pay their respects. At a time like that I don’t think anyone knows what to do or say. “I’m sorry” just doesn’t seem like enough. 

When I told my daughter about her friend she took it well & said “even though we can’t see him anymore we can pray to him & we can see him in our heart”. She seemed wise beyond her years. I took it much harder than she did, but I think as a mother we tend to take such things harder when it comes to children. We know how precious they are to us & the love we feel for them is beyond anything we can explain. I know one day when she has her own babies she too will feel that heaviness in her heart when something horrible happens to any child. There are many things I could wish for, but one of them for sure is that no mother should ever experience the loss of their child.  

Last year I was going to put my 2 children in the infant survival swim classes, but I was 6 months pregnant with baby #3 & would have to drive 45 minutes one way, 5 times a week, for 6 weeks. I felt it was going to be too much so I said “next summer”, which is now. I’m more determined than ever to get my babies into this class. Since we are traveling this summer & making our way to our new home in Colorado I have plans to put all 3 kids in the classes once we get there. It’s expensive, but I hold hubby “I don’t care how much it costs, we are doing it”. It’ll be the best investment into our children’s safety. I don’t want to ever look back & regret not putting them in these classes. I don’t want to be the next parent going thru the tragic loss of a drowned child. I know I can’t keep them in a bubble away from all harm & potential danger, but I surely can do my best to prepare them for whatever comes their way. So for now I’m watching them like a hawk whenever they are near water. When they are swimming I’m right in there with them. When fishing or near water, I either have a life jacket on my 2 year old son or I have a leash on him. I don’t trust him. He loves the water & he scares me with his no fear attitude. To say I’m looking forward to survival swim classes is an understatement. 

Rest In Peace little Colt. May you be looking down from heaven on all of us.

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