Saturday, June 22, 2013

June 16-17 A boy & puddles

Dakota Meadows

We arrived at our campground in MN & had just enough time to let the kids out to play at the playground while hubby got the trailer set up then a storm came blazing thru. The winds were fierce & it rained hard, but it was over quickly & the sun came out again. The kids were getting restless so we decided to walk around the campground to see what was here. The bath houses were nice & clean, which is something hubby looks for each time & the laundry room was decent, but sheesh $2 to wash & dry is a bit expensive. Dalton was most interested in stomping in every water puddle. If he passed one the turned around & went back to jump in it then kept going to the next one. I think he has a slight case of OCD when it comes to certain things (closing doors in particular). Needless to say he was a bit soaked from the knees down. He & his sister played with different leaves from trees. Annika was making some sort of trail for who knows what & Dalton simply pulled all the leaves off the branch then left it. He also kept playing “freeze tag”. Dalton’s version of freeze tag is different then what it really is. He just stops with his hands out in front of him w/his fingers all spread out & yells “freeze tag” then he freezes then takes off again. He cracks me up. They also tried sneaking up on several robin birds. They do this quick quick quick step & hunch over with their hands in a kangaroo type position. So cute. Annika can never understand why she can’t sneak up on them.

This campground is nice bcuz the slots are paved making them nice & even/smooth. Thankfully no mud to be had at this one. I was getting tired of mud & leaves being brought in every time someone came in the trailer. Poor Emry has no place to crawl or stand except her pack n play when the floor is dirty, which is more often then not. Hope she doesn’t get used to being in “jail” then makes a career out of it when she grows up.  We are not out in the woods, but there are lots of trees. At night I see the red glow coming thru our window from the casino next door. No worries we’ll get back to nature soon.

The morning we were packing up getting ready to leave I let the kids go over to the playground to get some energy out. Dalton is such a dare devil & wants to do the big kid stuff which scares me & keeps me on high alert. He was walking up this metal frame thing off the side of the playground structure & I knew he’d fall if I didn’t help him. Well he made it to the top then Annika walked over & said “I’ll help you”, but what happened was her knee hit his head & he went down. I had Emry in one arm & my other hand was on Dalton so I quickly grabbed him as he went down in between the frame & structure. He didn’t fall to the ground, but he did hit the edge of his left eye on the structure. It swelled up nicely & he resembled Rocky. My poor baby, but thankfully the swelling went down really fast & he was left with a pink bruise. Ah little boys. Oh before I forget I have to mention his unique way of eating things. I gave him a bowl of grapes & he was eating them at the table. I saw him putting the grapes in the little cone shaped thing at the end of the string to the blindes. He would put it in there then eat it, but looked like he was drinking it. Then he’d say “yum licioso” which means delicioso. Gotta love that Dora the Explorer. I’m glad I get these perks from being in tight quarters.

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