Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Stand tall girlie 6/4/2013

Yesterday I finally cleaned the floor so I could put baby girl down & let her crawl around. Poor thing has been confined to her pack n play & doesn’t like it in there. I know she needs to roam around, but I have nowhere to take her to let her roam free.  Well she was all happy to be crawling & was actually up on all 4s doing the baby crawl. Up until now it’s been more of an inch worm type crawl & the army crawl. Well she wasn’t stopping there. She got her legs straight up & into that downward dog pose. What? Trying to stand up already? Not so fast baby girl. I also noticed when she was in her pack n play today that she was standing up & holding on to the side. I was confused bcuz I didn’t stand her up. Apparently she can also pull herself to a stand. Wow. My other 2 kiddos didn’t do that until they were 9 mo old. Uh oh she might be walking sooner than expect. My 5 yr old started walking around 12-13mo. My 2yr old was walking at 10 mo. I’m not ready for her to be that mobile just yet. She’s our last baby & I want her to take her time. But alas….you can tell she’s so proud of herself when she flashes her sweet smile with those big chubby cheeks. Oh I could just eat her up.

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