Friday, June 21, 2013

June 16 Spam & Maid Rite

We left our KOA campground in Iowa & headed north to Austin, MN to see the Spam museum, but first we stopped at a Maid Rite place to fill my mother in laws craving. She grew up eating these & had been talking about these burgers for a couple days. She loaded up on them & we hit the road. I gotta say that these are an acquired taste & not to be eaten in a vehicle. These you want to eat over a table for sure. It’s a loose meat burger basically. Mine was plain & I added some pickles & mustard, but still it wasn’t doing much for me except pissing me off because meat was going everywhere. I wasn’t about to give them to the kids. Annika didn’t want one, but Dalton did so I scrapped all the meat out & put some mustard on the buns & he ate half of it. Then that was that.
It was a short drive to the Spam museum. The kids & I all enjoy our Spam, but hubby is not a fan. He will eat it though when I fry up potatoes & spam then put them in a tortilla. This was an old favorite of mine growing up. Did you know there are 10 different kinds of Spam? I had no idea. I know of the less sodium & turkey kind, but no idea they had so many. I got a bacon spam, but it’s not a favorite that’s for sure. I prefer the traditional. I gotta say I was pretty bummed out because I didn’t see the whole museum. I read the first billboard on how the company started then had to go to the bathroom. Annika wanted me to pull on this pulley, which we did then I had to find the bathroom. The family was nowhere to be seen, but once I got to the exit there they were. They were all done & waiting on me. I went to the bathroom & they guys went outside. Us girls got the kids some souvenirs & then it was spam burger time. It was hot outside so we rounded up the gang & got ready to go our separate ways. The in laws had to make their way back to Arizona for an appointment & we had stuff to see in Minnesota yet. Next stop the Mall of America. Yippee!!

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