Sunday, June 30, 2013

June 29 To Rapid City

I really need to get some black out curtains for the trailer. Dalton is an early riser once the sun is up & it puts me in a bad mood when I can’t sleep in longer. I’m so not a morning person. He woke up saying “tummy hurt tummy hurt” but I think it was his tummy growling because he didn’t eat his dinner the night before, except a piece of chocolate from the smores. Eventually after having him crawl all over me then waking up his baby sister, I made it up & started the day.

Dalton has learned how to force his burps then laughs & says “tummy hurt”. Too soon for this burping activity in my opinion. That’s supposed to be several years down the road. Annika gets so annoyed when he does it because she thinks he’s going to throw up on her. Speaking of throwing up, hubby dumped the tank this morning & it smelled really bad. I opened all the windows & the bathroom fan was on, but it still was horrible. Dalton’s eyes watered & he started to gag & looked like he was going to throw up. I ran him to the door for some air & he was ok. It was kinda funny, but freaked Annika out all day. She kept saying “I don’t want him to throw up on me”.

We drove over an hour to Ellsworth AFB where we hit up the BX & Commissary. Both were very small. Since we planned on being put down for a week we loaded up on groceries, got gas then headed to our camp ground in Custer. It was a little over an hour drive, but very scenic. So pretty until we started seeing lots of brown dead trees. Turns out there is a type of beetle infestation & it’s killing the trees. That’s not good. I got in about a 10 minute nap before we made it to our little town of Custer. I love these little towns that have that western main street look to them. Very picturesque.

We found our camp ground & apparently I didn’t read the fine print on the price of this site. $35 a night, but only 2 nights at the 50% off rate. We have gotten used to paying less than $20 a night so this seemed expensive, but of course nothing like a hotel. Not cool especially when there are no real amenities here. No pool, Jacuzzi, park, or laundry. Just the bare essentials: 2 baths with showers & wifi thankfully. I paid for cable, but hubby doesn’t have the right adapter. I told him to forget it & get our money back for the cable, but he’s looking for the adapter tomorrow. I can survive without tv, but he says it’s for the kids….right. I think he really wants it & is blaming the kids J  Oh & our sites are really close together. Hope our neighbors can’t hear our kids screaming at bath time or any other time for that matter. So instead of staying 8 nights like originally planned I changed it to 4 nights. That should give us enough time to sight see the stuff from this point & south of here. So lucky me it was back to the research board. Luckily I got my first pick on a site in Sturgis that has laundry facilities, wifi, a heated pool & 2 jacuzzis’ (one indoor & one outdoor). Yes!! And all for only $18 a night, now that’s a deal. I do gotta say the people that work here are really nice & the older guy gave the kids popsicles when we arrived, but not worth the $35 they are asking. Sorry folks, but we’re on a budget.

One good thing about this site is that we are only a block away from the main drag. So we spent the later part of the afternoon/early evening walking the street & checking out the stores. We stopped in & got dinner at a local pizza place & it was expensive. We didn’t look at the price before ordering & it was over $30 for an extra large pizza. Daaaang they are proud of their pizza. Guess we just assumed it would be a normal price. We are doing our part to keep this town in business that’s for sure. I did happen to notice that just about everyone in there was eating their pizza with a knife & fork. It’s pizza people! Pick it up with your hand & eat it. Sheesh!

We walked back to the camp ground & I gathered all our laundry. I had 5 loads to do, which was pricey at $2 a load to wash then $1 to dry. Man this little town is gonna suck us dry. As the laundry was going I went to vacuum out the suv since I was so tired of seeing dirt & food everywhere. I had to run the vacuum twice which cost me $1.50. What happened to .25 cents? Oh & the vacuum was so powerful it sucked up Emry’s sun hat right out of my hand. Guess I wasn’t holding it tight enough. I was surprised then bummed out. Gotta get her another one since the sun out here is fierce. Got back around 9:40 & the kids were still up & not ready for bed. Siiiigh….c’mon man. Guess I should have given him instructions on what to do while I’m gone. Apparently I’m assuming too much so time to explain it to him. Like I always say, good thing I like him so dang much. Anyway as a result of how late it was (keep in mind we went back an hour so it really was 10:40 that we’re used to, Dalton was so tired he was crying, which woke Emry up then she was crying. Annika was just plain whiny. I told hubby not to go relax outside yet & to get the kids ready for bed. I had to put clean sheets on both beds since the clean sheets on the table weren’t obvious enough, then I had to go thru the laundry on my bed to find the bottoms of Annika’s horse pajamas that she wanted to wear (kids still crying at this point). I put Dalton in bed & covered him up & he was asleep within a couple minutes. I went ahead & folded & put the laundry away that was now all over my bed then swooped up Emry who immediately stopped crying. I fed her & she was back asleep. Time for my shower or so I thought. I forgot to put the water heater switch on. Ugh…sit & wait time. Turns out the water never really got hot enough so I took a “super hero” shower as we like to call it (a very fast shower with the water on then off then on then off, etc). Now I’m cold & it’s supposed to be in the 40s tonight. Brrrr. Tomorrow will be fun & amazing I’m sure.

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