Monday, June 3, 2013

My name is NOT Dorothy 6/1/2013

It’s that unfortunate time of year again where the weather turns to crap & we have to find a safe shelter area in case of tornados. Of course it seems tornados like to target trailer parks & we are now in a trailer.  So it’s not surprising that we’ve already had 2 nights of severe weather & have had to seek shelter both times. (We have only been in our trailer 4 nights). The first evening the security forces guy came banging on our door & said we had to evacuate now & to go to their building. The sirens on base were blaring so it was no joke. We round up the kids & drove all the way around the flight line in very heavy winds & rain. We all got soaked (Annika was freaking out about being wet) & we were in a break room with windows all on one wall. Really? This did not make sense to me at all & we decided we wouldn’t go there again. Oh & I didn’t get to finish eating my yummy Chic-Fil-A either. There’s a perfectly good cement bath house/Laundromat across from our site so the next night when it got bad & the SF guys came again we headed across the way to the Laundromat. This time I had an emergency bag packed with water, snacks, change of clothes for the kids, diapers, wipes, flash lights & the kids took some toys to play with. Thankfully nothing serious happened in our area except some trees snapped in half, but a tornado did touch down on the other side of St. Louis about an hour from us & did some serious damage. I’m so ready to leave this area. My “summer of fun” vision has not started out very fun yet, but we’re still early in the game so I still have hope.

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