Wednesday, June 5, 2013

What next? 6/4/2013

It seems that we can’t go thru one day without some kind of disaster occurring, but I guess when you have kids that’s a given. On Sunday 6/2/2013 we went to a friend’s birthday party & my 2 yr old son was in the bouncy house & went down the slide (I didn’t know there was a slide attached). Apparently he fell & either hit his head or landed on his neck. I didn’t see it happen. Well he cried for a while then puked. I immediately assume a concussion, but his pupils didn’t dilate, he didn’t get sleepy & after some mommy love he was back to playing. I kept an eye on him, but he seemed fine. That boy is going to make me totally grey before the big 40 next year.

Our daily “nature walks” have come up short each time we try to head on out. My son usually trips & falls, which ends with a scraped knee. His poor legs are bruised & battered looking, but I’m told those are the true signs of being a boy. If I had it my way he’d go out in head to toe gear to keep his body safe. Well he’s not the only one. 2 nights ago (same day as the birthday party) we started our walk & we made it a couple hundred feet then my 5 yr old got stung by a bee on her big toe. Poor baby girl screamed in pain “bee bee it’s stinging me” & jumped up & down on one foot. Part of me wanted to run to her aid(I had the baby & was keeping my son at bay), but her daddy was there (moving very slowly mind you…grrr) & the other part of me wanted to video her bee dance. I know it’s horrible of me, but c’mon how many parents out there don’t reach for their camera first or at least think about doing it? I know I’m not alone. Anyway our nature walk was over with. Daddy made a baking soda paste & applied it to her toe & she iced it as well. Her little brother wanted to help so he also put the paste on her toe (yes I took a photo of that). Thank God she isn’t allergic to bee stings.

What next? Oh there’s more & I’m sure it won’t end here. Early this morning as the sun was coming up I was sound asleep until I heard that noise. You know the one where someone’s throat starts croaking like they’re about to puke? Yeah that noise. I jumped out of bed to see my son sitting up. I grabbed him & ran him the 7 or so feet to the trash can. This is when a 27 ft trailer comes in handy. Nothing is too far away. Anyway it was mainly dry heaving & some spit. Not sure what it was all about so I put him back to sleep. A few minutes later I hear it again. Back up & same routine. Then the baby was up & then my oldest was up & asking questions. Ok so forget going back to sleep. It was 6:46am & we were all up. Ugh so much for sleeping in. Well it worked out in the end bcuz today we had a bunch of errands to run before his family arrives tomorrow. We headed out & on our way to errand #2 & 2 of the 3 kiddos were sleeping. I turn around & see my son puking all over himself. Ugh! This time it was chocolate Ovaltine. Gag! We got to a parking lot & changed his clothes & wiped down the seat as best we could. Since we were still on base I told hubby we were going back to the campgrounds & getting the spare car seat out of his vehicle.  I was not smelling that barf all day, no way. We got everything swapped out & changed my son’s clothes again since they reeked from the straps. I put a towel on his lap, but he didn’t want it. I was on pins & needles. We ran more errands & stopped at Panera for lunch. Little man got chicken noodle soup, which he did not touch….well he didn’t eat it. He did stick his hand in it so technically he did touch it. He did however eat his yogurt & drank about half of my wild berry smoothie. I should have gone with my gut & not let him eat/drink these 2 milk based products since his tummy was acting up, but I knew he was hungry & thirsty. We started our way home to run 2 last errands & yep he puked again. I turned around & saw him licking his lips & I said “are you ok?” He replied “yeah I’m fine” barf. This time I was able to catch almost all of it in the blanket I had set aside just in case.  Ugh! The not so fun part was taking 2 car seats apart, washing them, then re-assembling them. I know I’m not the only one who despises car seat assembling. On the upside we got all our running around done. Little man fell asleep on the way home then continued to sleep for a couple hours. I’m not sure what’s going on with him, but I pray this is a 24 hr bug. Of course I still wonder about that fall he took a couple days ago & if this has anything to do with that. Hmmm. It’s never a dull moment here & after dinner (he woofed down all his food) he was nice enough to beat up on his older sister & make her cry. All 3 kids were crying at the same time. Not cool & I hope our camping neighbors don’t think I’m beating on my kids. I gotta get them the bed earlier to solve the night time drama, summer or not. Of course now there’s utter peace & quiet as all 3 of them are sleeping in my bed holding each other’s hands. Awwww…it almost makes me forget about the days events….almost.

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