Tuesday, June 25, 2013

June 20 Long Lake campground

It’s been a week since we left Scott Air Force base, but it seems like longer. I guess stopping at all these camp grounds has made it feel like longer. Well we left our little camp near the lake & decided to go around the north side & see the biggest Walleye fish. We drove past the site a couple time, but couldn’t find the darn thing. At first we might have been slightly lost then found our course again only to realize that we weren’t really lost. The Walleye wasn’t where it was supposed to be. They were doing renovations & had moved the big fish to a different spot across the street, but it wasn’t here either. Ugh a wasted trip that was. So we headed to see some other road side attractions. This area is big on the Paul Bunyan stuff so we stopped to see his big chair. I sat in it with the kids. It was a bit of a climb for me, but I got into kid mode & was able to make it up there. We also stopped to see his giant feet (his boots used to be there, but a tornado whisked them away leaving only the concrete prints. The kids got a kick out of seeing the blue ox & how big everything was. Of course by this time they were hungry & slightly cranky, but we had to press on to our next site at Long Lake campground near Lake Itasca which was our main reason for coming to Minnesota. For those of you that don’t know, Lake Itasca is the start of the mighty Mississippi river. Since we lived near the MS river for 3 ½ years and crossed it frequently, we thought it would be neat to see where it all started from.

We pulled into the campground in the early evening & had a site right up front. It was one of those back up sites, which I know is not a favorite of hubby’s, but after circling the campground once & circling twice around the area near our site he was finally backing in. Needless to say we were crooked, but the ground below us was pretty crooked as well. That wasn’t the highlight of this stop though. The blood sucking mosquitoes came out of nowhere & we were literally attacked! Me & hubby got out of the suv to set up the site & you could hear Annika screaming bloody murder inside because a couple mosquitoes had gotten inside. You would have thought the grim reaper was in there trying to get her. Of course because she was freaking out her little brother started screaming as well & his scream is about 5 octives higher then hers. Well 2 kids screaming & crying wasn’t enough, baby sister had to chime in as well. I kept telling Annika thru the window that she was ok, but she was in that mode of being too far gone & not able to settle down. I could see the fear in her eyes & felt sorry for her so I took her & Dalton out & put them in the trailer. Well you know having the door open for a couple seconds was long enough to allow a few mosquitoes to get inside the trailer. Screaming take 2. Sheesh. I had to grab the baby then go in the trailer to settle them down. I had to kill the mosquitoes to get them to return to being somewhat civil. It was pretty funny actually & I wanted so badly to record the event, but my hands were full with baby & mosquito killing. We couldn’t help but laugh. Ahhh the memories…hehe. 

So the trailer got all set up & we did the usual routine of dinner, baths & bed. Hubby bathed himself in bug spray & went out to explore, but us smarties were staying put inside where it was bug bite free, plus we would have to pry Annika’s hands from the trailer. It looked beautiful out there & we were among pine trees upon pine trees, but that’s ok I had enough screaming for one day. We would save our exploring for tomorrow where it really counted. Ah but our adventure for the day didn’t stop there. A thunderstorm came out of nowhere. I was officially freaked out to the point where I got our evacuation/just in case bag out & made sure it had all the supplies: change of clothes for the kids, diapers & wipes, snacks, water, flash light, both tablets, blanket. I checked the weather on my phone & it was all red & orange on the satellite where we were. Ugh I was not getting any sleep tonight. Hubby on the other hand was in snoreville. That’s ok I’m used to being the parent on guard. The lightening was lighting up the sky like the 4th of July & the thunder shook the trailer…or was it the wind? Either way it was scary. I lay in bed & my mind was racing. My thoughts about a falling tree onto the trailer or the wind tipping us over (we were quite crooked remember) kept creeping into my head. Would the trailer be smashed to smithereens or would it hold up? Would we survive to tell the story? Hey it was very possible you know. Lightning strikes trees all the time & we were surrounded by them. I’m pretty sure I became paranoid about stuff like that once I had children. I wasn’t scared for myself, but for my babies. I was surprised the kids slept thru the storm & didn’t come running to our bed like they usually do. I must have fallen asleep at one point, but it wasn’t for long enough. I could feel my pillow was damp. I touched the headboard & it was damp too. Ugh leakage. Great one more thing to deal with. At that point I hoped for sleep so I could just block the whole night out.

Morning came & I was ready to get the heck out of there, in fact I was more than ready to get out of Minnesota aka mosquitoville. We all got ready, ate & did the usual tear down then headed for Lake Itasca.

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