Monday, June 3, 2013

Worms are cute 6/1&2/2013

After our 2 days of heavy rains my 5 yr old daughter discovered a bunch of worms. While I was out running errands, her daddy told her about the worm farm he had as a kid so now she loves worms. She says “worms are sooo cute” and “worms are my new favorite animal”. She talks to them in that higher pitched voice too. She took a plastic container, put some mud in it & her new best friend. When I got home she went on & on about her worm so I took her & her brother on a “nature walk” as she likes to call it. We went over to the water/mud puddle & she found another 5 worms or so. She loves these new worms, but she won’t touch them. I had to get her a plastic fork so she could collect them all & put them in her container. I was told I needed to go to the store & buy worm food so they wouldn’t die. Hmmm…The next day she wanted to clean out the container & put in new dirt so her worms wouldn’t die. She cracks me up. Her 2 yr old brother on the other hand was not bothered by the yuckiness of the worms. In fact he picked one up (it was a dead one) & I took his picture as he held it up all proud . He walked off & when I looked over at him he had that nasty worm on his tongue! Gag! I of course thought about his shots & if he was up to date, which he isn’t. I know germs are good for kids & I probably ate mud at some point, but still….this is my baby & I don’t want that gross dead worm near his cute little face. Ugh! While we’re on the subject of my sweet little man it was on this same day that he decides to put a rock in his ear during our nature walk. Sheesh! What next? He keeps me on my toes & I wonder what else he’ll get into. In all honesty I worry about him the most. He’s a runner & takes off so we have to be quick & eyes have to be on him all the time. It’s because of him that I want to attach a gps locator to him so I know where he’s at all the time. Yes I’m totally serious.

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