Friday, June 28, 2013

June 23 Ya don’t cha know, you betcha

I was surprised that as we were packing up getting ready to leave Hamilton’s lake resort in Bemidji that it hadn’t stormed. Yay the first campground without any rain….or so I thought. As I exited the trailer to get into our suv I saw water everywhere. Had it rained the night before & I missed it? It was too much to be dew. Well so much for ending our rain streak. In fact as I went into the office to pay it started to drizzle. Yep time to get out of Minnesota. The mosquitoes were making their way out as well. You could hear them smacking their blood sucking bodies on the window trying to get in. Annika asked “what’s that noise” and I told her it was the mosquitoes trying to get in, to which she replied “let’s get out of here. Definitely won’t miss those blood suckers.

We headed out towards Fargo, North Dakota & from what I saw online there really isn’t much to see there. So we stopped to see the wood chipper prop from the movie Fargo & they had a walk of fame in the parking lot of the visitor’s center with a bunch of hand & foot prints from different famous people. Kurt had to get a photo of Stevie Ray Vaughn’s block. It’s one of his all time favorite singers. Lots of country musicians & a few rock singers as well as Bert & Ernie were included. We also stopped to see a replica of a Norwegian Viking ship.  A man got the urge to build it & wanted to sail it to Norway, but he died of leukemia before ever getting to take the voyage. Towards the later part of his days he got the help from some experts to help finish building the ship. He did experience the ship in water before his death, but it was his family who finished his dream 2 years later in 1982 when they sailed across from Lake Superior to Norway. It was pretty amazing to see. Outside the museum was a replica of a Norwegian church. It was all wood & beautiful. I overheard the guy inside say that traditionally they were covered in tar to help preserve the wood, but it’s obviously a fire hazard so they opted to not do that with this one. I bet that stunk having tar all over the church like that. That was about it for Fargo, although the city was way bigger than we thought. We were under the impression that it would be one of those towns where you blink & miss it, but it had all the regular stuff any city would have.  Of course it wasn’t enough for us to put down for the day so we continued on into South Dakota towards Summit.

During our drive somehow Annika & I got to talking about assigning family members to be characters in movies. First we went thru the cast of Toy Story & every family member on the Bergmark side & Mota side were assigned. I was Bo & hubby was Woody so we could smooch on each other. Annika was bullseye, but later changed her mind & wanted to be Jessie. Dalton was Buzz Lightyear, Emry was Molly (Andy’s  little sister). One set of grandparents were Mr & Mrs Potato Head, another set of grandparents were the dinosaur & the Prospector. The last grandma was the Etch n Sketch because she can draw really well. She also assigned all her cousins, aunts & uncles. She was so serious about it & made me write it all down on paper. When we were done with that movie we did Finding Nemo. I was Dorie because my memory is the pitts, Dalton was Nemo, daddy was Marlin, Annika was the sea horse, Emry was the baby turtle. Again we went thru the whole family & I had to write it down. I’ll be sure to date those little pieces of paper & save them. After dinner she wanted us to act out the movie & we all had to play our parts. I told her we had to pick a scene first & practice it so we’ll do that another night. She’s funny that creative girl of mine. I’m pretty sure she won’t get her daddy to talk or walk like Woody, but hey you never know. Her daddy is a sucker for her.

Anyway our destination is Aberdeen where Storybook Land is, but that was too much of a drive for the kiddos so we popped a squat in the itty bitty town of Summit, population 227. The weather is a perfect temperature, however it is wiiiidy. I took the kids to the park to release some energy. Of course our day wouldn’t be complete without an injury. Dalton scrapped his nose on the playground. I think Annika pushed him while he was down “on accident”. A kiss from mommy & he was good to go. I’m magic like that. Dalton insists on going up the metal bars off to the side that went in an arch pattern & each time I was under him with my arms on him just in case. Man that kid is out to give me a heart attack. When he would get to the top he said “I did it mommy” with a huge grin on his face. He was so proud of himself, but I would prefer he take the stairs. Even though it was still very light out, it was already 8:30pm & we hadn’t eaten dinner yet. Ugh another late night. Oh well that’s what summer is about right? Let’s see how quickly we can get on the road in the morning so we can have some fun fun fun.

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