Thursday, June 13, 2013

9 June - mommy who?

My hubby’s family arrived on Wednesday to help celebrate his air force retirement ceremony. His parents, aunt & uncle, sister & her 2 daughters all arrived & I was invisible from that point on.  My daughter naturally wanted to hang out with her cousins so I didn’t see much of her for 5 nights. I gotta say I missed that little monkey. She stayed with them in the hotel & she seemed annoyed when I was near her wanting to hug her or touch her hair. Sheesh thanks. She said several times she wanted to move to Florida with her aunt Kim & cousins. I wonder how long before she would miss me? I'm thinking the first time she were to get an injury is when she would come looking for me. That's ok....I know one day she'll appreciate me.

I wasn't the only one put on the back burner. She had a classmate’s birthday party to go to & was dragging around not wanting to go bcuz her cousins couldn’t go. I reminded her that this would be the last time she would see her friends since we were moving. “Fiiiine” was her response. Of course once we got there it was all about playing. She had a good time & didn’t want to leave. We were the last ones as usual. She was running around the gym floor acting like horses with her friend. There's quite the horse following with her & some of her classmates. It's cute really. She didn’t want to leave, but that’s how she usually is. Don’t want to go, but then has fun & doesn’t want to leave. She was like that with preschool too. Well she said her last good byes & we took one last group photo. A couple moms got emotional, which was touching. I’m going to miss those kiddos & the parents. If only we could uproot all of them & take them with us, teacher included. Even though I’ve been doing this military move thing for 18 years now, it seems harder when there’s children involved & they have friends they have attached themselves to. I know she’s still young & will start kindergarten fresh with all new kids, but the last 2 years of preschool was special with all the same kids. Sigh….well there’s always facebook & skype, but it’s not the same. To all you Zion preschool parents & teachers, you will be deeply missed.

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