Thursday, January 12, 2017

Tuba City, AZ 9/22/16

Once we left Camp Verde I started Googling Antelope Canyon to get the scoop on tours & where to stay. Seemed like Page was the place to be, but of course everything was booked in Page. Surprise surprise. I don't understand why there aren't more rv campgrounds in Page. Antelope Canyon is like one of the biggest tourist spots in all of the U.S. & Page is right there to capitalize on all of it & there were only a couple campgrounds. I tell ya what they really bank on the hotel rooms though. Geez talk about pricey! This is why you reserve in advance & not wait until last minute. The closest place I could find was in Tuba City & thankfully there was a hotel with a rv campground out back. Since hubby's parents were traveling with us this was perfect so we could all be in one spot, them in the hotel & us out back. I gotta say this place was bare bones. Nothing spectacular about it. The ladies at the front desk were nice so that was something. It did have a bathroom & laundry room, but we didn't use either. We weren't planning on spending a lot of time here so we took what we could get. I did have the privilege of seeing a guy pee on the fence outside his tent. He was literally across from the bathrooms. Good grief & ewww. We ate inside the hotel restaurant & I ordered a taco fry bread. Holy smokes it was huge, but oh so good! Service was a bit slow, but what can you do. We filled our bellies & got ready for our morning tour of Antelope Canyon. My father in law volunteered to stay behind & watch our dogs while we all went to see the spectacular canyon. He had already been on the tour before so we would take my mother in law with us since she hadn't seen it yet. Another site for my bucket list to check off. Woohoo!

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