Thursday, January 12, 2017

Junction, TX 9/26/16

So so close to Kyle & San Antonio, but we decided to stop here for the night. There were 2 other people checking in ahead of us & hubby was already inside. As those two folks left to get into their site I decided to get behind the wheel. Eeck! I slowly pulled forward about 50 feet. I was all excited & happy with myself for “driving” the truck & “hauling” the trailer that short distance. While I did that awesome trick the kids were playing at the playground right in front of the main building where we were parked. When hubby returned I made sure to show him my big accomplishment. Hey it was a big deal to me. Anyway, talk about a nice place next to the river! It had a nicer park then the previous place with an old school merry go round, swing set & those ride on swaying horse things. The kids were so excited to play & I was happy they released that pent up energy. Once we set up the trailer they rode their bikes to the playground then back to our site when it started getting dark. I keep saying I'm going to get a bike too so I could ride alongside them, but for now I walk/run with Dalton by my side. Once he's riding without training wheels then I'll get my bike. We walked over to look at the river, but I know I wouldn't get in that even if it was warm outside. Looked too marshy for me. They had all kinds of cute little cabins throughout the park & I made a mental note in case we ever found our way back thru here. We were kinda off the highway, but not close enough that I heard any traffic noise. Nothing a fan can't drown out. Hubby had to venture out to get jugs of drinking water & of course he brought back doughnuts. Oh boy, can you say sugar rush. Back to the playground we go! Overall a nice place to stay, but again it was a one nighter. I gotta say at this point we have become professionals at setting up & closing the camper. Next stop… parents!!

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