Friday, January 13, 2017

Hope, AR City Park 10/3/16

Our next top after spending time in TX was Hope, AR. We were just moving along & it was time to stop to rest for the night. Nothing to see here that we had planned, just a sleep & go kinda stop. We found this very inexpensive city park/fairgrounds area to stay. When you can find a cheap place to stay for a quick night then you take it. The roads to get into the park were a bit tight & we had to circle around to find exactly where we were going, but we found it. Seemed like a good idea & it was only for one night. We were surrounded by baseball fields, a couple playgrounds and what smelled like stables or barns for their yearly fairground days. We backed into a spot (everything was open) right next to a baseball field. The kids got out & ran freely with the dogs & once the trailer was set up we went to the playgrounds to let out some energy. I started to get the impression that we weren't in the best part of town, but thankfully nothing bad happened to us. However, that evening we saw flashing lights thru our blinds. A quick glanced revealed a police officer who pulled a car over right next to our trailer. Of all places, really? It was a big park so it HAD to be right next to us. I felt slightly safe knowing the police were patrolling the area & at the same time it worried me because what was up with the neighborhood that caused this pull over in a park of all places? I didn't want to know & was ready to just leave the next morning. Again just happy all was well with us & we were safe. Not much else happened during this overnight stay, but the next morning when hubby was prepping the trailer to leave he found some pennies in the grass. I went over to grab them for “good luck” and found over 44 pennies! I can't remember the exact amount, but that's like over 40 times good luck (if you believe in that kinda thing). I was all excited on my….I mean hubby's find. My mother in law gave us this little tin box for us to put all our coins in that we find along our journey so we could keep track & this was a nice start to our money tin. Thanks Hope, AR! Guess you weren't all that bad after all :-)

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