Friday, January 13, 2017

Escapees in Livingston, TX 10/1/16

My in-laws told us a while back about this place called Escapees & they deal with full time RV folks like us. I read up on the husband and wife who started this whole organization & it's grown tremendously. They have acres & acres of land with 2 different rv campground areas as well as lots of full time permanent mobile homes. You can get your own physical address thru them & they'll forward your mail to you & they offer other benefits on their website like a job board & discounts at other campgrounds as well as their magazine. We needed a TX address so we can change our residency so hubby felt this would work while we're on the road. We thought 2 nights here would be enough, which gave me time to see my new nephew. Can you say baby fix? Squeal!! Anyway, we pulled into the park & there were a few rigs around, but we noticed something very obvious. We were the youngest ones here and with children. Yes definitely a place for senior citizens, but heck if they're open to all then we'll take it. The price to stay in their campgrounds are so inexpensive, like $20-$25 bucks a night. Can't beat that, well unless you're in a state park that's $10 a night, but who's keeping track. You do have to pay for wifi here if you don't use your own. I believe it was $3 per day. One thing that was definitely different & totally unexpected was the sign in the bathroom that said “Do not dispose of Depends in restroom trash. Please place in dumpster outside.” I got quite the laugh out of that. Usually a sign tells you not to dispose of feminine products or diapers, but depends? That's a good sign you're in a senior community. As Jerry Seinfeld would say “not that there's anything wrong with that.”

While hubby did his thing with our new address I was looking forward to getting my hands on my new nephew. I needed a baby fix like no other so I was thrilled that we were near, well an hour away, from my little brother in Houston. Even though my brother had to work we went anyway. I wasn't there to see him...haha! My sister in law let me just swoop up that little man & love on him. There's something about a baby smell (not the poopy part) that is just heavenly. I was even able to rock him to sleep. Nothing like having a baby sleep on your chest. Oh how I miss that. My brother showed up later & we visited a bit, but we had to get back to the campground since we were leaving the next morning. I love baby snuggles & can't wait to see him again.Thanks little brother for making me an aunt again! Never say never :-) In a few years my son will be happy to have another male cousin to play with.

We had our last Whataburger meal before hitting the road again. Won't get to dig our teeth into another Whataburger until Christmas so I told them to enjoy it. I was actually glad we would be almost done with all the fast food. Blah! I was craving green veggies & made sure to make smoothies so I felt like I was getting some kind of nutrition. That can be a downer about traveling all the time. A little is ok, but keep it up & you'll have to have your defibrillator along with you just in case. I know how easy it is to just swing thru a fast food place to grab a quick bite, but I need green veggies man! I was looking forward to working at Amazon & hopefully drop a few Whataburger pounds. 

Good bye Texas. We'll see you at Christmas!

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