Thursday, January 12, 2017

Carlsbad, NM 9/25/16

You'll start to see a pattern here. We hit the road & I start Googling to find a place to stay. No exception this time around. Flying by the seat of our pants. It was another one night stay just to rest up & hit the road again. We were on a time crunch to get across country (I'm sure I've mentioned that a few times already, apologies). This particular campground was pretty dated & filled with oil field workers who looked like permanent residents. I was excited about the indoor pool, but was advised not to use it since the whole outside was aluminum & they were expecting a thunderstorm. Bummer deal so that let to an explanation to my kids on why you shouldn't be in water during a storm, especially when there's lightening. Instead we played on the very outdated metal playground. There were only a couple of metal swings & one of them had the rubber seat torn off so it wasn't very safe in my opinion. They did have these 4 tire swings on a rotating pole so each kiddo could sit in/on the tire & I was able to push them around. I always had visions of a tire swing hanging from a big tree in our backyard for them to play with. Maybe some day, although they may be too old by then. Anyway, here was a laundry room, but it was locked & since I didn't do the check in process I had no idea if there was a key or after hours thing. No biggie, I wasn't plannig on using them, I just wanted to check them out. There was this guy sitting outside next to the laundry room & when we walked passed him he asked if we were they new people staying in site # whatever (I can't remember). I said “no sorry not us”. Even if it was us I wasn't about to let him know. I like to do my best to keep my family safe so I don't volunteer info. I'm sure he was harmless, but you just never know, right? There was a dog park close to our site, but it was not very appealing. The grass was overgrown around it & it was just plain ol muddy. I didn't want to take our pups in there because I didn't want to have to bathe them afterward. Needless to say this place was bare minimum & the standards were met, but that was about it. The spaceing in between sites was ok, but could have used a little more room. However, we were on the end & didn't have anyone next to us so that was a good thing. It did start to sprinkle, but there was never a thunderstorm. Dang it, we could have used a nice dip in the pool. Oh well, not much else to say about this place so on to the next.

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