Thursday, January 12, 2017

Kyle, TX 9/27/16

Hello my family!

I was so glad to find a campground only 9 miles from my dad's house in Kyle. Unfortunately it felt like a longer drive to get to his house because it was back road driving. Oh well, beggars can't be choosers & I was so happy to see my family. It had been a year & a half since I'd seen them…..I think. Either way it had been a long time. I also wanted to see my mom & brother in San Antonio so we decided to do 2 days in Kyle & 2 days in San Antonio. Gotta be fair. The campground in Kyle was brand new & very very nice. A bit pricey, but they were brand new so I guess they need to pay their bills, eh? They had a huge store inside with all kinds of goods you might need & you could order pizza right then & there. The bathrooms were beautiful & so clean & the laundry room was top notch. They had digital codes on the doors, which I appreciated for safety reasons. Our rv site was well…...scary for me. You see we were at a bit of a slope & although hubby said we were level my eyes said no way. I thought for sure one jump inside by my kiddos would send us rolling forward & crashing into the folks across from us. I probably barked at them more than I should about no jumping or running inside the trailer. Yes I was paranoid. I don't think it's too much to ask for everyone to tip toe, do you? Ok more about this place. There was a really nice lake on the property with a huge cement area with covered seating & benches next to the rails for fishing. All it was missing was a playground. The roads were smooth for bike riding, which the girls did. Dalton still had no interest in learning. They also had a nice spacious dog park next to the entrance of the campground, which was close to where our site was, but I saw more than one dog turd in there so we didn't stay long. My kid's feet are magnets for poop & all other stuff gross. Why don't people pick up their dog poo? Laziness I tell ya. 

I was so glad we made it to Kyle in time for my daughter's 9th birthday & my dad's 71st birthday. I wanted to celebrate them together since I'm always missing my dad's birthday. My sister was so nice & went out to get some birthday decorations & I picked up a cake & had my daughter's name put on it. We had gotten her an early gift, a small laptop, and said it was for homeschool purposes then games afterward. Unfortunately we discovered that it wasn't Windows & she can't play her online horse game that she's all crazy about. I point the finger at hubby on this one. He said this one would be better so I went with it. Oopsie. Oh well live & learn I guess. Hey at least she can still do schoolwork on it...haha!

Unfortunately there wasn't too much celebrating going on because my dad's two Labradors had gotten out of the back yard the day before & only one was found & back home. Cadie, the female, was still missing. Sadly on my dad's birthday he found his dog in a ditch area with her bottom half submerged in mud. She was old & had arthritis and he said it looked like she got stuck in the mud & simply couldn't free herself. So sad & not a pleasant way to spend your birthday. Sorry dad :-(

On the flip side my son was in heaven during our 2 days in Kyle. He is sandwiched between his sisters so he has no boys to play with, poor kiddo. He's always asking for a brother, which I'd gladly give him, but we gotta get the daddy on board with that. In the meantime he was playing up a storm with his cousin. They wrestled all over the place for hours & when it was time to leave my son had a big 'ol frown on his face and kept hugging his cousin. It was so sweet & kinda sad at the same time. I told my son we'd be back at Christmas & he could play again & for a longer period of time. That didn't seem to make a different. He just hugged his cousin & wouldn't let go.

On our second night we went out to eat some TexMex food. Ohhhh how I was so ready for that. When my folks lived in Corpus Christi we would always go to this one TexMex place called Kikos. Every time we came to visit we'd go there. I remember years ago when the whole family, spouses & children would go. At that point we were a party of 14 I think, but now if we all get together it's more like a party of 21. Our family has grown fo sho! This place in Kyle, however, was a bit different & well it just wasn't the same. I had some expectations & they just didn't measure up. It was ok & filled my craving, but it just wasn't like Kikos. Oh well at least we got some good tortillas & I showed my youngest how they were made right there in the restaurant. They had a machine that did it all so it was interesting. Of course no one makes tortillas like my mom, but these were still good.

We said adios to my folks, my son got more cousin hugs & set out for San Antonio to see my mom & brother. 

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