Friday, January 13, 2017

Dad's Bluegrass RV 10/6/16

Hello Kentucky! We finally made it, but had to make one last overnight stay before getting into Campbellsville. We pulled into this campground & the owner met us out front in his little golf cart. He was super nice. He apologized for the renovations that were under way & asked if we'd stay long enough to listen to the live music they had on the weekends. Unfortunately no, but I'm sure it would have been a cool thing to listen to live bluegrass music. We got an end spot & before we could get out this young girl, about 8 yrs old or so, came speeding over on her bike to give our kids the scoop on the rv park. She was very friendly & mentioned the cat that wandered around & the lady's dog 2 rows over that you could pet if she was outside and then there was the nice old guy who would take you fishing & “it's ok to go into his trailer”, etc etc. Ummm I'm more cautious than that so I reminded the kids that they were not allowed to go into anyone's trailer. The girls grabbed their bikes & rode around with her next to our site. I walked with them so they could wander the campground. It looked like a lot of permanent campers and the campground overall was very full. After our walk around the camp ground & briefly saying “hi” to that young girl's mom we all made our way back to our trailer. I gave them drinks & goldfish crackers then the girl asked if she could use our bathroom. Ummm I wasn't real keen on the idea only because we had just met her, but I figured if she had to go so bad that she couldn't make it to her trailer then I should say yes. I didn't want her to have an accident because I said no. Well big mistake on my part. She was in the bathroom for a long time & I wondered what the problem was. I also couldn't help but wonder if she made her way into our bedroom. She finally came out of the bathroom & oh my goodness I was utterly taken by surprise. She had to go alright & she made a mess of the bathroom. I couldn't help but wonder what the heck happened. Not to be mean, but it was so gross. I quickly cleaned up her mess & had to wipe down the entire bathroom with Lysol wipes just in case. Never again, sorry. Learned my lesson. Again not trying to be mean, but I don't want to go thru that again. I told my kids I hope they never do that to another person's bathroom & if they did then they'd better clean up after themselves.

While I was taking care of business, hubby was researching the area & said he had something planned for the next day, but he wouldn't say what it was. I joked & asked “what is it a haunted house?” ding ding ding! Turns out I was right. He found this place called the Octagon House that was supposedly haunted. I knew for sure we'd have 3 extra people in our bed that next night if they knew they were going to a haunted house. I told myself I'd play it down so as not to over spook our kiddos. I was curious if we'd actually see or experience a ghost in the house. Once we got there I was surprised the house was smaller than I thought, but still an interesting house. It was 3 stories high, with the basement partially above ground & yes in the shape of an octagon. There was a really weird nursery room full of dolls that instantly freaked out Annika & she no longer wanted to be in any room so she stayed in the hallways & begged her dad & I to go outside. Of course we wanted to see all the house so we walked quickly then hubby finally went outside with all 3 kids. Dalton & Emry weren't real excited about the house. Instead they wanted to be outside playing with the blue eyed dog. I, on the other hand, went into each room taking pictures hoping to see a ghost, but never saw or felt anything. I heard a guy talking to another group of tourists & he claimed that he had seen a lot of paranormal activity. He had a group of folks who had the ghost technology & traveled to all kinds of haunted places to do their scientific gathering. He said of all the places he'd been, this Octagon House was the most haunted. Well I guess we arrived on an off day for the ghosts. Back to the campground we went to get ready for our morning departure. Next stop Campbellsville!

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