Friday, April 26, 2013

Stubborn stubborn man!

I've known my husband now for almost 14 years (married almost 11) and he's a stubborn man. Yes I know I can be just as stubborn, but when it comes to our health he doesn't budge & it drives me crazy! He's always been tall & thin (not fair), but the last couple of years he's fluffed up a bit, but still within his height/weight ratio. His last PT test for the military he scored an excellent, but today he was told he has high cholesterol (he was told this probably a year ago as well). So what does he do/say? Refuse medication. Grrrr....His reason? He scored an excellent on his test. Ugh! Even the lady who gave him his results was frustrated with him, but he doesn't care. I have 4 very good reasons why he should care & do something about it (kids & me). I don't want him to suffer from a stroke or heart attack. I kinda want him to stick around until we are really old :-) So I ended the conversation with "I'm going to tell your mom". I'm pretty sure that won't change his mind on the matter, but if I have someone else on my side to gang up on him then maybe the pestering will get us somewhere. Hey I can dream, right?

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