Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Rest In Peace Sweet Taffy

I found out yesterday a friend of mine passed away this past weekend. It was a sudden, accidental death. I found out via facebook. There was an article posted by a friend about the woman down the street who was found dead in her home. I read the article & thought "how sad". The next day the same girl who posted the article said the police released the name of the woman.  Out of curiosity I read the article & as soon as I saw her name I felt a lump in my throat & my stomach felt like someone punched it. I couldn't believe I read her name. She was so beautiful, loving, full of life, had a great laugh & she was my Texas gal. She was also a mother of 4, which really made me sad to think of her children growing up without their mother. I instantly thought of my children & held back the tears. I pray for her & her family members as they grieve & try to get thru this time. I can't seem to get her smiling face out of my mind. I'm grateful to have known her. Thank you Taffy for coming into my life even if it was briefly. You will be missed.

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