Friday, April 26, 2013

26 DAYS!!!

That's right in 26 days the movers will come to pack us up. Kind of bitter sweet since this will be our last move (that's the plan anyway). I'm ready to hit the road, but will miss this house & what it stood for (just a little, no tears shed on my part). It was this house that we brought 2 babies home to. Dalton & Emry have only known this as home, but they're both too small to ever remember any of it. I'm so glad I'm always taking pictures. I'm ready for our next adventure & our new home. Yay!
To prepare for the movers I've been de-cluttering & packaging things up. I always like to put toys in zippered plastic container bags so the movers aren't handling them all. This morning I separated the items for trash, garage sell, & keepers. I've got all the smaller toys in Dalton's room packed up & ready to go. I also threw other papers & crap away that's just been sitting. Next will be the toys in Annika's room (Lord help me on that one). The play room downstairs will be last since it has the most stuff. Our church is having a parking lot garage sale in a couple weeks so I'll be taking all these toys, clothes & baby items there to sell. I hope to get rid of all of it so I don't have to bring it home. What doesn't get sold will possibly get donated. The next 4 weeks are going to fly by so I have to hunker down & get it all done. Buuuuut today the weather is overcast & dreary so I just want to sit on the couch w/my babies, watch a movie & eat popcorn. I will justify this by thinking of the work I did this morning. Dalton's room is good to go & the guest room barely has anything so really 2 rooms down :-)

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