Sunday, April 21, 2013

Changes coming our way

Well here we are on the verge of a new beginning for the Bergmark clan. Hubby is finally retiring from the air force after 24 years. Of course he planned on retiring a couple years ago, but with surprise baby Emry he had to stay in a bit longer. I honestly don't know how I'm going to feel being in one place FOREVER. I'm  used to moving every couple years (& I enjoy it) so this will be different. Being at Scott Air Force Base in Illinois for the last 3.5 yrs has been our longest assignment the last 12 years together (the last 20 years I've been moving every 2.5 yrs or so) so to say I've been itching to move is an understatement. Just for document purposes I have lived in the following places in this order: Texas; Ohio; Columbus Air Force Base, Mississippi; Turkey; Las Vegas, Nevada; The Azores; Vandenberg AFB, California; The Azores (yes again); Scott AFB, Illinois. I love traveling & seeing the world. Thanks to the military life I've been able to visit other countries like Germany, Portugal, Switzerland, Prague (Czech Republic), Cyprus, Italy, Madeira, Lichtenstein, & Austria...I think that's it. I still have so many other places I want to see.
So back to where I was going with our move. Hubby has been determined the last 14 years on retiring in Alaska, but then I came along :-) Uhhh no, sorry. I'll go there on vacation & I know it's beautiful, but no. So after much debate we have settled on Colorado Springs area where we'll still have the snow, but we'll get the other seasons as well. Of course Arizona is still a possibility if a job comes a knocking, but CO is our #1 pick. I'm anxious to get on our way & have a home to call our own where I can paint the walls whatever color I want...woop woop! You military spouses know what I mean by this. But there are still several big moments to come before we get into new home mode.

1-Annika graduates from pre-school & I'm going to put on a "end of school/bon voyage Annika" party so she can have all her classmates & other friends come.
2- The movers come to pack us out (yay!).
3- Hubby's retirement ceremony (his official retirement date is Oct 1st, but we're not sticking around).
4- Our cross country vacation summer in our travel trailer (thus one of the reasons for this blog)
5- House hunting (I've always wanted to be on one of HGTV's home buying shows so we'll see)

So if you want to follow us on our journey then I welcome you. I'm sure my "vision" of how I see things happening will turn out the complete opposite of what I intended. Be warned though, I love my children like nothing on this earth so I will talk about them, post pics of them & praise their accomplishments like a cheerleader pumped up on caffeine. So if you don't want to read about kids then skip those parts & just read the other stuff. This blog also serves a purpose as my memories of my babies since Lord knows I can't remember squat these days. So let the good times roll.

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