Friday, April 26, 2013

Look mom, mom look!

As a parent we hear these words daily "look mom", but it seems like my 5 year old daughter has to say these at the most inappropriate when I'm driving. I've told her "I can't turn around & look at you or else I can wreck, do you want us to wreck?" She smiles & tilts her head with her usual "nooo". I'm thinking that I should glue a bunch of eyes all around my head so that it appears I am looking at her all the time. Maybe then she'll ask me not to look since my eyes are in her direction at all times. Now before I get the negative remarks, I do look at whatever it is she wants me to see, but just not when I'm driving or if I'm in the middle of changing a poopy diaper. I know how many precious & wonderful things they do when they think we are not looking as well as when they ask us to look. I know I could miss out on something great if I never took the time to look up from what I'm doing. Today her "look mom, mom look" while I was driving her to school was this: slowly moving her head & her eyes from her left to her right. Uhhh....yeah not sure what that was about, but the silliness of it did make me laugh. What will her next prompt be?

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