Sunday, July 14, 2013

July 8- Buffalo KOA

It’s a long drive to Yellowstone so we are breaking it up since kids can’t handle being in the suv that long. We decided to stop over in Buffalo for the night. We got a spot at the KOA, which tends to be more expensive, but we are noticing a trend with the Passport America sites. They are not giving the 50% off discount in the month of July & some aren’t doing it July-September so we are stuck paying the higher prices. We’ve gotten spoiled paying $20 or less for full hook up sites. Guess we’ll have to make it up after Yellowstone.
The campground was decent & had a pool & hot tub which are always nice. The kids played outside with tree leaves & rocks. Annika was trying to make a lake for her toy horses, but it wasn’t working. I told her to put a plastic bag down then put her rocks around it. I explained why this would work & she kept bugging me to help her do it, but we needed some groceries & I told her she was very creative & could do it herself. Of course that was the wrong answer she wanted to hear. Oh if only I was an octopus & had 8 arms. After everything was set up I went to the store. No big chain stores here only small local ones. I guess there’s one that I wasn’t aware of, but went to the smaller store & the prices were definitely higher in there so I got just a few necessities & decided to wait on the others for now. When I came out of the store there was a huge grey cloud over in the distance. You could see the sheets of rain coming down & it made me wonder if it was heading towards our camp ground. I promised Annika we’d go swimming, but more importantly I didn’t want our trailer to be whisked away in a big storm. When I got back all was well & the storm never came near so while Dalton was sleeping I took Annika to the pool. By now the sun was behind the office building so the pool was shaded & brrr it was a bit nippy. I got in to my waist & that was it. After less than 10 min we decided to go into the hot tub. We were the only ones there but then a family with 4 kids showed up (only 2 were swimming) then more people started flowing in. Annika went back into the pool & after several minutes I followed & it was even colder now, but I got in to my waist so we could play. I was spinning & twirling her in the water & she tells me “you’re the best mommy ever”. Awww see she can be so sweet, but I think she was trying to talk me into getting in all the way & going to the deeper end. Clever girl, but it didn’t work. After a while the kids in the pool were being too splashy so I got out to dry off & Annika went into the hot tub. I was standing there waiting when all of a sudden I hear “get her get her”& I look over to see this couple’s daughter having a seizure. I think it made Annika nervous so she got out of the hot tub. I wasn’t sure if there was something I should do, but they seemed to be handling it fine & let her lay down next to the lounge chair. Annika asked me what was wrong with her & as we were walking out I explained to her what a seizure was but she should be fine. I kept thinking & hoping that the girl was ok.
One thing about the KOAs is that they are usually very clean so Annika & I used their showers instead of ours. This way we were able to take longer hotter showers. Aaahhhh relaxing. On our way over to the shower the wind started roaring out of nowhere. There were no dark clouds or anything so it was weird. When we finished our showers it was still windy & the pool had cleared out. My first thought was “sure hope this isn’t tornado weather”. I picked Annika up & carried her back to the trailer. Just doing anything I can do to make her feel special when it’s just the 2 of us. She loves it when I carry her. It’s the little things.

Hubby started dinner (aww so sweet) so I took over & he gave Dalton aka “the screamer” a bath. The kids were not interested in my yummy casserole so it was their loss. It was fairly early so I put in a movie & made some popcorn. Oh several nights ago I was making something & it got too hot in the trailer & a little smoky so the smoke detector goes off. Like on auto pilot, Dalton picked up a piece of paper & started to fan it in the air. Hubby disconnected the alarm & it goes off then Dalton says “I did it”. He also takes that piece of paper & tries to kill flies with it. He’s so funny.

Anyway I brought them treats for dessert so as I nibbled on my ice cream they had a couple powdered donut holes each. Let the sugar kick in! No they were pretty good & Dalton put himself to bed. Like I do every night, I tell myself we’ll all be in bed early & I can blog for the day then get to bed early. Ha! Yeah right. I still had to find a camp ground for our Yellowstone/Grand Teton stay. Let just say I was up way past 1am & looked up so many rv parks that I didn’t remember who had what, except they were all expensive to stay in. Called it a night. Time to snuggle with baby girl & her daddy.

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