Sunday, July 7, 2013

July 6 – Friendly visit

Today was a slow day with no plans except to pick up our mail from a friend’s house. We got up somewhat early (habit) then I made breakfast for the kids. Everyone was content & we weren’t due to leave until 11:30am so I announced that I was taking a short nap (it was 9:45a). The kids were playing, but not so loud. Annika had her lasso around Dalton’s waist & had him tied to the handle on my closet next to the bed. The lasso reached all the way across the trailer to the bathroom where she helped him wash his hands (the lasso still around his waist). He was her pet pony & she was training him. She got a bowl & put some cereal in it for his pony food. He played along & kept making that pony whine sound. I gotta say it was pretty cute & I wish I would have videotaped it, but I was happy I saw what I did & closed my eyes to drift off to dream land. Well I’m thinking I got about 10 minutes in & the noise level got louder, the arguing started & the baby got fussy. I shhh’d them several times & rolled over & covered my head then said “forget it”. I was up with a frown on my face & not wanting to be sociable at all. I honestly don’t know why I try to nap. I guess I’m still hopeful that one day it’ll happen. I got dressed & we were out the door. I’m pretty sure all this lack of sleep has aged me 10 years. I used to be cute with no dark circles or bags under my eyes. Now well, I’m just old looking. Anyway enough of the pity party.

We got to our friend’s house & had a nice visit. The kids had ice cream & played with their dog. We stayed close to 2 hours & finally said our good byes. We made a quick trip to Wal Mart before heading back to camp so we could get ready to leave the next day. We were all hungry & it was a 45 min drive back to camp & by the time we cooked & ate it would be at least an hour & a half so hubby saw a sign for Arby’s & pulled in. This is where I got crabby again. My sandwich had some kind of crap dressing on it that ruined it & I had to scrape everything off leaving just the chicken & bread. Gross. Everyone else’s stuff was fine. I was trying to change the laws of negative out negative in & create positive out, but this just wasn’t my day.

It was still somewhat early so I walked the kids over to the park to let them play for a bit. I didn’t want to be there because I was so tired & the group of folks smoking right there was pissing me off. Then a couple more kids showed up (the ones from the pool a couple days ago) which meant the kids would not want to leave anytime soon. They all played “run away from” & poor Dalton was chosen. I don’t think he knew what was going on, but he played with them climbing up the swing set structure then going down the slide again & again. They’d all scream when he would get close & he seemed to be having fun so I just watched. Annika kept calling him the “monster” but they were all nice to him & helped him climb up another area. Annika had a turn as the tag person as well. The 2 kids that showed up had to leave then about 10 min later I told my kiddos it was time to leave. It was pushing  8pm. They took their sweet time, but somehow I got them to hurry back to the trailer. Showers all around & time for bed.

Dalton is good about wanting to sleep in his bed, but Annika still wants to sleep with us. I let her fall asleep in my bed then I carry her to their bed.  I had Emry next to me all night. I love snuggling next to her. Of course it wasn’t long before Dalton came into our room at the wee hours of the morning then Annika. I took Dalton back to his bed, left Annika where she was & climbed in next to my little man. He put his little arm around my neck then mumbled something “mommy”. He just pours the love into my heart. Guess when you put it all into perspective I had a great day. We are all healthy, having the vacation of a lifetime, & we're spending lots of time with our kids that no one can take away from us. I am truly blessed so do I really need to nap?

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