Wednesday, July 3, 2013

July 1 Needles Hwy & Cosmos

As I sit here trying to type what we did today, the only thing that is coming to my mind were the twisty winding roads. Ugh. We did more than that, but that’s what really stuck in my head. You see I’m not a fan of those roads & often feel car sick. I’ve never barfed as a result of being car sick, I only get headaches & my head gets that really heavy feeling. Don’t like it, but hubby does & boy does he like to drive fast on those turns (I remember his motorcycle days & how I held on for dear life). I try to remind him how Annika barfed that one time from being on winding roads. Hey if he wants to clean up barf from her car seat then that’s all on him.
Anyway before we left I put some meat into the crock pot & put all the fixings in there for carne guisada for dinner. It was soooo good & tender when we got home, but I realized I forgot to put in the bell pepper & tomato sauce. It didn’t matter because it was still so good. Emry loved it & I love those meals that you can put in the crock pot & leave it all day then come home to a meal ready to eat. I need more of those.

Today’s agenda was to take a cruise thru Needles Highway to see all the scenery. It’s supposed to be one of the most scenic & talked about drives & yep it was beautiful. We went thru a couple tight squeeze tunnels (we had to fold our mirrors in) & took a family photo that turned out really good. Ahhh the fresh air & smell of pine trees. Gotta love it.

After that drive we went to the Cosmos tourist trap, but not before taking a wrong turn. I saw the perfect shirt for hubby inside the gift shop of the Cosmos place. It said “I don’t need no stinkin’ directions I’m a man (with a gps)”. That is SO him…hahahaha! Anyway this whole Cosmos thing was freaky. The whole time I was trying to figure it out, but at the same time trying not to fall over since I had Emry attached to me in the Ergo carrier. What I did NOT like was that my head was feeling all weird when I looked in certain directions. Hubby explained that naturally our eyes want to put things level, but when the background is all whack then our head gets outta whack. Yep I felt it, but the guide said it was the gravitational pull so now I wonder was it the gravitational pull or an optical illusion? Hmmmm….Either way I did not like my head feeling all weird, but I think part of that was due to the twisty winding roads. It was interesting & something else to check off our list. It was funny because Annika & Dalton were walking all cock eyed.

I’m sure some other stuff occurred but for the life of me my mind is blank. Gotta love mommy brain or is it me getting older? Eeeck!

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