Sunday, July 14, 2013

July 13 Hubba hubba hubby

I woke to the sounds of knocking on our door. It was one of the park workers asking if we were leaving today. Uhh no. I told him we were here until tomorrow. He said “ok I was told to come over here & ask, sorry for waking you”. Gee thanks, but I managed to go back to sleep for a little while. Emry woke up with a smile & seemed fine, but she was still feverish throughout the day. She was playful & had an appetite. I’m thinking she’s just teething because she had some nasty poops today. I remember Dalton having nasty poop after poop when he was teething. I pray this is just it & nothing more.  

Since we were done seeing everything we wanted to see at Yellowstone, we decided today would be a lazy day with some cleaning up & reorganizing.  After breakfast hubby got into nesting mode or something so I took Annika & Dalton out for some play time. Annika wanted to finish the ranch we started yesterday. We collected some sticks to make a corral, training circle, and a cabin shelter for the people. Dalton was trying to help, but kept knocking stuff down, which irritated Annika & caused her to talk mean to him. Ah the vicious circle. Once the cabin shelter was done we needed pine needles to cover the roof to protect from rain. Annika was so into doing this. She’s very creative, which I love. After a while I could hear Emry crying so I had to tend to her. Hubby had vacuumed inside & pulled the stuff out from under the couch to vacuum under there & rearrange. He even remade the kid’s bed. What? I was loving this. I don’t know about most women, but my idea of an attractive man has changed from my young years. In high school & my very early 20s it was all about the most attractive guy. Of course those attractive guys from high school are now not so attractive. I see lots of beer bellies & lack of motivation on their part. Now, although looks are nice it’s not only about that. It’s about how good a husband & father he is. Seeing my hubby fix things around the house, clean up & rock our babies makes me want to jump his bones even more…hehe…and his looks are still there. I can stare at him just as long now as I did back then. Ok I got side tracked. Where was I? Oh yeah, by now it was lunch time so we ate & got ready to head out. We wanted to see the Fishing Bridge & Yellowstone River up close. We also wanted to find a wifi window so he could check his email to see if any job stuff has popped up.

We found a nice picnic area near the water & hubby put his feet in & said it was freezing. Water was crystal clear. We saw a pelican & buffalo tracks. Dalton kept squatting next to the river (too close for my comfort) & was looking thru his binoculars. He was checking out the tall grass & flowers too. He cracks me up.

Went to the famous fishing bridge (you can’t fish on it anymore) & I walked down with Annika while hubby walked on the bridge with sleeping Dalton. It was windy & a little chilly out so I was doing my best to keep Emry’s ears covered as well as her body. She loves to put her arm up & out of the Ergo carrier, but I prefer her to be all tucked inside. Annika & I walked up to the bridge & I got a photo of them with the river in the background then it was back to camp for us. On the walk back to the suv, Dalton literally stopped to smell all the flowers. He would stick his nose down, take a whiff, then say “umm good” or “aaahhh” or “yummy”. It was cute, then I started to get annoyed because I wanted to hurry & get Emry out of the wind, but watching him reminded me how we should all stop to smell the flowers. Life happens too fast & we should take a break & look at the beauty around us. Funny how a 2 year old can teach you things or just remind you of what you should be doing.

I actually sat outside & relaxed for a while with hubby & the kids while they played. I think this was only the 2nd time on our trip that I’ve done this. I need to do it more often. After a while Emry was rubbing her eyes & being fussy so I took her in to feed her & put her to sleep. She zonked fast so I decided to nap as well. It was a perfect opportunity so I wasn’t passing it up. I slept for 13 minutes then hubby came in with an angry Dalton who needed his diaper changed. He woke up Emry, but I managed to get her back to sleep fast. They went back outside & we went back to dream land. Ahhhh loved it! I slept for about an hour, but it felt like 5 minutes. I will take what I can get.

Hubby came back in with the kiddos & started dinner & did all the dishes & cleaned up. What? I had to make the comment that “daddy is awesome” to which Annika replied “daddy’s our hero”. Our plan was to get the kids in bed early so we can get out of here early in the morning. We’re heading out the western entrance to the park into Idaho then down to Utah. We are planning to do it all in one day which should be about 6 hours. That’ll be the longest trip so far. We’ll see how it goes. I did get the kids bathed & lying in bed watching a movie by 8pm, but it was almost 11 before Annika finally went to sleep. Dalton on the other hand was happy to fall asleep. I’ve caught up with my blogging & heading to bed “early”. It’s 11:16pm.

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