Wednesday, July 3, 2013

July 2 – Kid Fun Day

I had to stop by the post office on our way out of town this morning & as I left I got a nice compliment from an older man in a cowboy hat. He said “sure is nice seeing pretty ladies walking down the street”. I looked back & forth & said “where where?” then he pointed at me & said “right here”. Awww so sweet & what a nice way to start out my day. Put a little pep in my step.

We went into Rapid City so hubby could get the Sequoia in for its 25k maintenance, but he dropped us off at the Old MacDonald Farm first. The kids fed goats, took pony rides & a train ride & hooted & hollered at the pig races. They saw horses, mini long horns, pot bellied pigs, ducks, chickens, rabbits, & llamas. Poor Dalton seemed a little spooked by the bigger goats. He would say “aww cute” but as soon as they got close to him he would jump a bit, tuck in his arms, then say “mommy”. I reassured him that he was fine. He would pet the babies, but the ones with the horns gave him the heebie geebies. When it was time to feed the goats via bottles both kiddos had a turn. Annika now wants a farm, but I told her it’s a lot of work & a lot of poop to clean up. That didn’t seem to phase her. I told her we could have goats & make goat cheese & butter to which she said enthusiastically “ok!” I was kidding. That’s a lot more work then I need right now. Annika decided on a goat set souvenir & Dalton got a tractor. More toys in means some toys must go out. We got rid of a few, but it’s all her darn horses that are taking up space. I was surprised that she decided to get rid of a couple.

When hubby returned to pick us up we went on down to Bear Country where you drive thru this huge park area looking at animals. I was looking at the map when we entered the park area & almost immediately a female elk ran right in front of us freaked us out. I wasn’t ready for that or expecting it. There were lots of different animals, but mainly bears. I let Dalton sit up front so he could get a better look (it was like 5 mph thru the park so don’t judge me). At the end we went to the baby land area & saw the baby animals & a few others, but the sun was so hot I quickly walked with Dalton on my shoulders & pushing Emry in the stroller to the end of the loop to find a shade tree.  It was too hot for outdoor stuff…..well not too hot (it was around 85 degrees) the sun is just intense here.

We had planned on doing the reptile gardens next, but decided to skip it. The place was packed & the kids aren’t as interested in reptiles as they are in farm animals. We figured they would not only be scared, but they would lose their interest quickly. Instead we went for ice cream & a drive around downtown rapid city. I was tired from the sun sucking the life out of me & both Dalton & Emry were asleep so we headed back to camp. I took a short nap which was nice, but I need like a 2 hour uninterrupted nap to wake up feeling like Snow White (bursting into song & being all chipper). 

We got to our camp & the weather is so much nicer up here in the mountains. We are at a higher altitude & it was 75 degrees, but I didn’t sit outside to enjoy it. I fed Emry some late lunch (she loves baked beans & the delicious carne guisada I made last night) then somewhat forced the kids outside to play so I could look at some homes online in peace & quiet. The realtor we are going thru sent me a bunch of homes to look at & I love a lot of them, but not the prices. They are exactly what we’re looking for, but it’s hard to say where we’ll buy until hubby locks in a job somewhere. It would really be a bummer if we got THE house in one area & he wound up getting a job 2 hours away. After being up in the mountains with all the trees & seeing these log cabin homes with big windows near lakes & creeks has made me want to hurry & get to CO to get our home. Almost almost. First we have to finish our cross country tour.

Anyway later I decided to take the kids across the street to the park. It was 7pm, but still lots of light out & slightly chilly. On our way we saw a deer on the side of a hill. Cars & trucks were driving by & it didn’t seem bothered. It was so pretty & the kids loved seeing it. Dalton had a hard time being quiet & eventually the deer took off. They have seen their fair share of wild animals on this trip & it’s not even over yet. They climbed up this really tall metal slide, which made me very nervous, but they did ok. I encouraged them to go to the other safer looking playground & they did. They chased each other down the twirling slide & loved it. Static hair is always fun. The sun was setting over the mountains & it was really starting to cool off so we headed back to the trailer. After baths for everyone I said they could have smores, but marsh mellows cooked over the stove vs outside. Dalton wanted his uncooked so I gave him his “mermewoah” then let Annika cook hers. I’m so nice. Next time for bed & I reminded them about the horses they are going to see in the morning (the camp host called up his friend & arranged an up close & personal tour of his horses) & they must get to bed quickly so they can get the most sleep possible & have lots of energy for the horses. Ok maybe I was telling this to myself really. Eh it sort of worked for them. At least one kid never cooperates & tonight it was Emry. Dalton curled up & went right to sleep after we sang a couple songs. I love how he says “my turn I do it” then sings his version of twinkle twinkle little star & you are my sunshine mixed up together. He’s such a sweetheart.

On a separate note Annika says she wants to live in the mountains & have a farm not in the city. While we were at the park I asked her where she would want to live: in a city like St. Louis with tall buildings nearby & lots of roads & cars or out near a mountain with trees all around & nature & animals. She chose the latter. I explained that there would be less people nearby & we might not get to have play dates that often, but she said it was ok. She has a vision of being on a farm with lots of animals to keep her company. I sure hope she realizes what’s coming her way & I hope she grows to really love the great outdoors.

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