Thursday, May 9, 2013

A monkey, a bear, and a chick

So it's been decided. Emry is a chick. It took a bit longer to come up with her pet name, but Annika & Dalton were pretty easy. You see when our oldest was born & her daddy held her, she wrapped her little toes around his finger. She was like a little monkey, thus her nickname is monkey. When Dalton was born I referred to him as brother bear. Not sure why, but for some reason the Bearenstein Bears comes to mind. Anyway, hubby's favorite football team is the Chicago Bears so it seemed fit & he is the bear. He likes to growl too. Emry on the other hand, she made these kinda hiss/growl noises & we couldn't think of any animal that sounded like that. Then she did this blowing kinda raspberry noise, but again we couldn't think of an animal. Recently she's been bobbing her head forward kinda fast, almost as if she loses her ability to hold her head up. She reminded me of a chicken pecking for food. She's gotten both hubby & I in the face with her little pecking motion. Not sure why she does it, but she's like a little chick. I might just add an 'ie' at the end & call her chickie :-) Now our little circus is complete....although I can't recall seeing chickens in a circus.

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