Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Our 5th Wheel, Our Home

Initially we decided on getting a 42ft 5th wheel with 5 slide outs. Hubby said if we were gonna live in it full time then we needed to be comfortable & have space. I agreed, but man o man the price on that thing was not appealing. The whole idea was to do this debt free, but it wasn't going that way. Instead of getting a used truck to pull it hubby got a brand new truck. Oh boy. Then instead of a used 5th wheel he wanted new so he wouldn't have to deal with anything breaking right away. I can understand that, but ugh the cost of a brand new 5th wheel. I really liked the one we picked initially. It was a Highland Ridge Open Range 3x427BHS, but the more I thought about it the more I was sure it would be too big. Someone had mentioned the state/national parks & that we probably wouldn't be able to get in due to size. I'd like the opportunity to workamp at a state or national park, but if our rig is too big (haha that rhymes) then would they turn us down? I told him we needed to rethink & research again. He found a shorter one & I agreed it was a good one. It's 10 ft smaller, but looked good. It's a Jayco Eagle 325BHQS. It has the triple bunk beds that I wanted & hubby likes the 2 recliners that looked straight on to the tv vs having to turn your head to the side to look at the tv. It has an island in the kitchen area, which helps with counter space. I realized that tonight as I was cooking & prepping dinner while my in-laws were here. Our bed is facing the wrong way (I wanted it to face side ways so the closet was bigger vs being straight), but oh well. Gotta sacrifice something I guess. Another sacrifice was the bunk house only has 1 slide out vs 2. I really liked the dual slide outs because it was extra floor space for the kids, but again we had to compromise. We also only have 1 bathroom, which wasn't a big deal but that 42ft one had a separate bath all for the kiddos. I just tell myself that that was one more thing to clean that I wouldn't want to clean :-) I think overall it's a good fit & I can't imagine having an extra 10 ft to pull. Of course buying the darn thing was a hassle. We drove 4 hrs to El Paso, TX to buy it. We looked at several different bunkhouse styles that they had on the lot & decided on the Jayco Eagle. We were prepared to buy it right then & there & drive it home, but there was a paperwork problem. Gah! Seemed like we were having one problem after another getting started on our journey (first the house, then septic, now this). Because we were residents of AZ & not TX they didn't have the AZ title paperwork & couldn't get it until Monday. Of course it was Saturday. After hubby's dramatic talk & show he put on they agreed to do everything right then (paperwork, sale, gift card) and deliver the trailer to our house that Tuesday. We were on a time limit due to closing, but in the end it all worked out & we have our new home. Here she is

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