Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Adventure Bound Campground Vail, AZ & bike riding

Once we sold our house we had to stay in a local campground for a week so hubby could finish up at work. The closest one to the kid's school was Adventure Bound Campground in Vail, AZ. It was convenient to the highway & Wal-Mart, which we seemed to be at quite often. The pictures online looked nice so I booked. Let's just say it didn't look exactly the same. It was a decent campground, but it was mostly a mobile home park with a lot of permanent rv'ers. The laundry room was clean & plenty of washer & dryers. The bathrooms & showers were clean (only used the showers once) as well. The pool wasn't huge, but it was clean & nice with chairs & an area you could entertain. We were all the way on the left side of the park with nothing but fence behind us (you could hear the coyotes at night) & no one on our row except at the ends, we were in the middle. The space between was ok, but thankfully we had wide open space. We had a concrete pad with picnic table & rocks instead of grass or gravel. It made for less mess coming into the trailer, which was nice. There were quite a few kids in the park as well. The swing set really needed to be updated. It was that old metal type & one of the swings had lost it's black outer layer & it was just metal. I feel bad for the kid who cuts himself on that. I liked how it had poop bags & small trash cans all around the perimeter of the campground so you could clean up after your mutt & toss in the can vs having to carry the poop home with you. The best part of being there was Emry learning how to ride her bike. It's a feeling I can't describe when you see your child take off on their bike for the first time all by themselves. I was so excited & just in awe. I owe her riding ability to the Strider Bike. If you don't know what one is then you're child is missing out. You see it's hard for kids to learn how to balance & pedal at the same time so what the Strider bike does is make them learn how to balance first, which is harder. The pedaling comes more natural afterward. There's no pedals on the bike so they use their feet, like Fred Flinstone, to walk the bike while learning to balance. I bought the bike 3 yrs ago, I think, so my son could learn. My oldest actually got on it & quickly learned how to balance (she was 6). Once we moved into our house she learned how to ride a regular bike so fast. The training wheels came off & away she went. My son (5 1/2 now) also learned how to balance on the Strider real fast, but he's still hesitant to get on his regular bike without training wheels. At the same time he was learning to balance so was my youngest. Oh how they fought to get on the bike. Once she mastered balancing she would fly on that bike & cut corners so fast. Made me nervous yet amazed at the same time. I took off her training wheels when we were still in our house, but she wasn't real interested in getting on just yet. At the campground she decided to give it a try & by golly her first time out she got it! I was holding onto her seat at first, but her bike is so small I was hunched over too far so I grabbed the back of her shirt & ran while helping her balance. After a few minutes I lessened my grip then finally let go. The smile on her face was priceless. Yes I got it all on video! She was so proud of herself & so was I. She mastered it so fast & I credit it all to the Strider bike. She would go down the slopes in the road & pick up speed while I held my breath & ran behind her praying she wouldn't crash. I was sure she'd munch it, but nope she even put her legs out to balance more. Smart cookie! While at the campground we would walk the dogs at least 4 times a day & there she was on her bike zooming past me. She'll be 4 yrs old next month. Way to go baby girl! Next is to get my son rolling along with us.

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