Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Early Birthday/Going Away

My oldest always has her birthday during fall break so we would have her birthday party a week early so her classmates could celebrate with her. This year we had to do the party extra early, like 3 weeks, due to selling the house & moving. I told her it would be a combination of early birthday/going away party. We discussed many times where the party would be and what theme. She chose Zootopia & I checked the zoo to see about a party. Wowzers! A bit on the pricey side. She didn't want a skating party, swim party or bowling party. She debated over a horse riding party or an indoor jumping party. She finally decided on Peter Piper Pizza. Ugh! Of all the places. It's all noise & chaos & me constantly scanning the area to count all my chickens. My daughter wanted her 2 best friends there & they were. She was so happy. You see one of her BFF moved to a different school this year & we didn't have his contact info so I decided to take an invitation to his school & thankfully he got it. He was as happy as my daughter was & the 3 of them were together again. We made sure to get addresses before we parted ways. As much as I didn't want to be at PPP, I was happy for my daughter who was all smiles. It was worth the torture. We had to send her off with one last hoorah. I also had my youngest invite some of her classmates as a good bye/early birthday as well. She had  a few friends come out & she was happy with her cupcakes. I had my son invite some of his friends, but sadly no one came. I felt so bad for him. It was like a repeat from his birthday party earlier this year, but he still seemed to have fun. There was a classmate party after ours at a bowling center & another classmate party the day after ours so I figured they were all going to those since our invites got out after theirs. Still I hoped at least one friend would show. Poor kiddo. He's a trooper. I'm just thankful I didn't have to do any cleaning & only a tiny bit of prep work. The only stress was having the kids pick out their junk toys at the counter. Cake & candy & everyone's happy. Happy early birthday to my girls.


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