Friday, August 5, 2016

Flexibility because we CAN!

I've been meaning to write the last week & have just been busy researching. Researching 5th wheel trailers, home I mean roadschooling, campgrounds, workamping jobs, etc. You see our plan has taken on a life of its own it seems, but that's ok (Emry-ism). We initially planned on selling our home & downsizing by buying a piece of land & putting one of those manufactured homes on it (smaller in sq footage) so we could lower our cost of living overall & put some real savings into our account. The more hubby thought about it he felt it was pointless to invest in land if we didn't plan on staying in Arizona for a long period of time. He said "let's just go then". Hey I wasn't about to argue with that, but the question was "and go where?". The plan changed to moving to Texas to be close to my family. Simple as that. Then an idea got planted into our head & has taken off since then. The plan of getting a trailer and hitting the road. At first it was lets get the trailer & move to TX then live in it until hubby finds a job & we find a place to put down roots. Well then it changed to why not just live in the trailer & travel? Heck ya! We've done it before & we know what it entails so why not do it again? This is where the to do list has begun. The first step was sell the house. Thankfully after almost 2 months we are under contract & the home inspection was yesterday. I pray there's nothing major that comes up so we can move forward with our open road plan. Next step was to buy a newer, more powerful truck to pull the trailer. Check! Hubby did that about a month ago & he can now beat on his chest & grunt with pride of owing a man's man truck. Whatever. It makes him smile & Lord knows he needs to smile more. We have researched & researched & looked at many 5th wheels & have finally agreed & found the one we want. It's bigger than I thought we'd get, but hubby said if we're going to be living in it full time for who knows how long then he wants to be comfortable & have some space. I agree, but the price tag is not appealing to me. *Side note. This is where being debt free comes into play & makes life easier* We've decided on a Highland Ridge Open Range 3x427BHS. It has a bunkhouse in the back for the kiddos & both slide outs come out, which I wanted to maximize their space back there. We have tracked a couple of them down in southern CA & in Las Vegas. Both about the same distance drive from us so it's who can get us the better deal at this point :-) So from here on out all we have to do is buy the trailer, sell everything in our house & move out.....all by September 5th! Yikes! It's ok it's ok we can do it. We're motivated & excited about this so where there's a will there's a way, right? We have a local campground in place & we have both applied to Amazon for their seasonal distribution jobs in Kentucky (Texas & Tennessee are already full). So it all seems to be lining up, but get this. My idea was to stay & let the kids finish out the school year so hubby could continue to work & we could save save save. Our expenses would be minimal without all the mortgage & utilities, but hubby says nope. He's ready to leave now! Uhhh wait what? (Emry loves saying that). Thus our clock is ticking fast. We should be driving outta here by mid September if all goes well with the house sale. I can already hear that National Lampoons Vacation theme song in my head.

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