Thursday, June 23, 2016

Ballerina Girl

My Emry girl loves to dance even when there's no music. Tonight as I sat in the office on my laptop she was dancing in circles singing a tune she made up. She was telling me she learned that song when she was a baby and when she grew up and was 9 years old something or other happened. I thought..."ummm you're only 3 you haven't been 9 yet" but I don't want to stomp on her creative stories. She told me to sing it over & over again while she danced & when I stopped she promptly told me to "keep singing mommy". Her little arms were in the air & she would gently kick her leg out as she twirled. Oh my heart. She wants to be in ballet class & I keep saying yes but haven't done it yet. I must get on the ball & just enroll her. She would be so beautiful in her ballet outfits & I can just see her all serious yet a huge smile on her face while in a dance recital. Yes I must enroll her this fall. I know most places take a break in the summer then start new in the fall with a recital scheduled in the spring. Dalton still wants to do Taekwondo so I'll get him in that & of course Annika wants more horse lessons. Why must she pick the most expensive activity? They all have their likes & I want to encourage & support them.

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